Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Over the hills and through the woods to Gramdmother's house we go.....

Someone is excited to go see her Mamie and Papaw! She can't wait to swim, ride horses and tractors, and play with Na-Na!I got Jarred to get out the suit cases from our closet. I was getting our clothes together and turned to see this! (She was stuck so I got to run and get my camera)
Silly girl! Don't worry, you will be there tomorrow!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ava Loves.....

A few of our other loves (not pictured)~
  • Bath Time
  • VeggieTale books (loves reading)
  • Walks (esp in her little car)
  • Ice cream (she only gets a little! ha)
  • Refried beans
And this Mommy loves everything she does!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh, I have been a bad blogger!

Sorry for no posts lately. I have been so busy with work, showers, Jarred's school, etc. I am happy to report it is now the summer and Jarred passed statics. I am a proud wife. We are hoping only 2 more semesters to go!

This past Sunday was Alecia's Bridal Tea Party. Alecia is my last friend from high school to get married. I am so happy for her, she is going to be one happy girl with Jeff. Alecia loves tea so we thought this was a fantastic idea! I thought it turned out really nice. I loved the tea pot arrangements for the center piece. Congrats Alecia, I am so happy for you guys. I am praying for a blessed marriage.We had many types of teas and these fun flavored stirrers.

I have much more to share. I will be back!! It is my day off and I have a lot planned with my little girl today. And, tonight is our date night. Jarred and I have started date night at home every Wednesday from 9 to 10. We have to come up with something creative. It is my night and I think we are doing game night. I have found a fun checkers board and many different types of "old" candy from when Jarred was young! This should be fun!

Happy week everyone. More posts to come this week!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I still can't believe that Mother's day is now a day for me. To me being a Mommy has been a complete joy, better than I ever imagined. I love Ava so much at times I don't see how my heart does not explode. I read a poem about being a mom and these are a few things I never experienced until the wonderful day God gave Ava to me.

Before I was a mom:
1. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin, Ava's crinkle nose always does me in!
2. I never just watched anything sleep.
3. I never knew the feeling of my heart being outside of my body.
4. I never fully understood the bond between a mother and a child.
5. I never, I mean never got up in the middle of the night just to make sure she was okay!
6. I never got tears in my eyes because of the smallest things. (Like when Ava finally sucked through a straw. We were in a restaurant and I let out a shout of praise. I bet people thought I was crazy!)
7. I never know something could affect our lives so much!

On Friday, Jarred and I watched The Blind Side. I LOVED the movie! In so many ways, the mom of the movie reminded me of myself. I tend to take charge and sometimes have been known to speak my mind. There was a part in the movie that touched my heart. It might surprise you that it is not a scene that may have impacted others. The part was when Big Mike walked into the library to study and his sister was there with her friends. I had tears streaming down my face as she got up and went to study with him. I looked at Jarred and said that I hope I raise my girl to have such a heart. A heart that cares and serves others. As I went to bed that night I prayed that God would help me teach those areas to my daughter!

I thank God for blessing me with Ava. I pray that I will the best Mommy to her.Happy Mother's day to my Mama too! I learned from the best. Thanks Mom for always taking such good care of Ash and I. We are so lucky that God gave us to you. I love you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Weekend to Remember

That was what it was called. It was AWESOME! Jarred and I went to the conference this weekend and we had such a refreshing time. I was a little hesitant when Jarred had mentioned that we should go. My weekends are precious. There are few weekends that we don't have work, showers, birthday parties, etc so I was unsure about using a whole weekend for this. Well, I am here to tell you, it was the most precious weekend we have had in a long time! I would recommend for every couple to do. We enjoyed each other all weekend without little Ava. We got to have lunches and dinners just the two of us. We really talked. Thanks to Mamie for coming to keep Ava. Ava was in good hands and she had such a great time. (Can you say ice cream every night!!) Ava thinks Mamie should come more often!

I am so thankful for the gift God has given me in Jarred!

Few pictures from her loved walks with Mamie:
Yes, she really leaves the hat on as she walks. She gets a lot of waves! ;-)

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