Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catching up

What we have been up to the last few months, mostly in pictures. In March, we learned that Emma will be getting a new bestie in July. My bestie from high school is having a girl. It was such a fun gender reveal party. As you can see in pictures, they are thrilled. blog(alecia) In April, Ava started swim lessons. We have moved to a new place since these pictures were taken. Hopefully the lessons will soon pay off! ForBlog Our youngest nephew Noah turned a year. What a blessing he is to our family. We love you sweet boy. Blog(2) May we celebrated Mother's day. I still think it is weird that there is a day to celebrate me. I should be celebrating my kiddos. I am so in love, this really is my most favorite job. I thank God so much for blessing me with these two angels! Mothersday(2) We had such a fun day celebrating with my mom and sister. Ashley has moved to such a cool place, minutes from a boardwalk with many resturants and fun rides. Blog Ava and her daddy went on a fishing trip. Yes, my girl can cast and reel in fish. These pictures also prove that she liked to play with the worms. Girl, I think we need to have a talk. This mommy has horrified. Fish(2) photo (2) copy And our most favorite time has finally arrived: SWIMMING SEASON! Swim(1)

Jacob David

I am about 5 weeks behind. Yes, Jacob David is already 5 weeks old but I will get caught up eventually. I can't begin to tell you the emotion that I feel when I look at these pictures. I have been so blessed to see not only Jacob take his first breathe, but also his big sissy. Welcome to the world sweet Jacob, you are one lucky lucky boy! We love you so much already! Birth story in pictures: Jacob(1) Jacob(2) Jacob(3) Jacob(4) Jacob(5) Jacob(6) Jacob(7) Jacob(8) Jacob(9) Jacob(10) Jacob(11) Jacob(12) Jacob(13) Jacob(14) Jacob(15) Jacob(16) Jacob(17) Jacob(18) Jacob(19) Jacob(20) Jacob(21) Jacob(22)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4 months

Wow! I am so far behind. I will get caught up in the near future! Sometime I hope. I had to share the pictures of Emma at 4 months. Can you believe she is already 4 months? Yep! She is a joy to this family. Just as I sit and type this she is crying in her swing. Ava walks up and tells her, "Don't Cry Emma" and starts singing Jesus Loves Me to her. My heart swelled. Yes indeed, I LOVE these girls and so does he! 4Months(1) 4Months(2) 4Months(3) 4Months(5)

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