Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 4 Months

Happy 4 months to my sweet girl!

What you are up to:
  • Still in 3 month clothes
  • You wear size 1 diapers
  • You are rolling over!!
  • Still hate tummy time. Mommy is sorry, but we need to work on this!
  • Starting to try to sit up....we think you are going to do this early
  • Still love your play mat
  • You suck your thumb all the time now...forget the paci!
  • Love being outside
  • You now notice and grab the dogs. It is so cute. The other day while I was reading to you, you grabbed Sophie's hair and held it.
  • You are constantly drooling. We wonder if you are going to get a tooth soon. Your daddy got one at 4 months.
  • You sleep through the night. This morning you slept until 9:30am.
  • You are always happy. When you cry, it is because something is wrong.
  • When you smile you crinkle your nose.
  • You love all the silly noises your Daddy makes. He plays rocket with you and this makes you laugh out loud.
  • You are beautiful. You still look like your Daddy.
You have been a constant JOY to us! We have loved every minute of these 4 months. It is so hard to believe that you blessed our lives 4 short months ago. Please stop growing so fast, it makes mommy sad! I love being your mommy! I could not be happier!
I love you booger bear!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

4 Month Check Up

Yesterday was Ava's 4 month check-up. She is weighing in at 12 pounds 8 ounces and is 25 inches long. The pediatrician does not want us to start cereal or baby food for now. She said she is growing just fine on the breast milk and since she has been sleeping through the night we will just wait.
I had a panicked Mommy moment yesterday:
Ava got 2 shots and she was not happy. I got her calmed down and put her in her car seat. I needed to pump because we had a busy day planned. While pumping Ava started crying again, if any of you have pumped it is not easy to console a crying baby while pumping. It got worse, she was crying so hard she was having a hard time breathing. She has NEVER cried like this and my initial thought was she was having a reaction to the shots. I jumped up and open the door to get the nurse. Don't worry, I had my hooter hider on! ha! The nurse ran and got the doctor. The doctor came in and put Ava on the table. Guess what she does.....yes, she starts smiling and laughing. I am in tears and she thinks it is funny. I think what happened is she got a bad stomach pain because at that moment she had a blow out. Well, at least it was not a reaction. Gotta love Mommy moments like this!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Favorite Picture of The Week

I love this picture! I am so in LOVE!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Trails to You....

Saturday was Amanda's baby shower for baby Lincoln. It turned out great. The theme was western because this is what the nursery is going to be done in. It was so fun and Amanda got so many great things. I can't wait to meet Lincoln in less than 2 months.This was some of the decorations. I just love how the clothes line turned out. The table cloth turned out mother-in-law made it for me. The food was awesome. It was typical cowboy food....wings, potato salad, beans, and pasta salad. This is a close up of the table. Isn't the center piece perfect? It is a metal cowboy hat with the flowers attached to it.The favors were treat bags filled with trail mix. The tag said "Happy Trails" Love, Baby Lincoln.
Can you believe how cute these burp cloths are? My mother-in-law is so talented!!!
The three of us have been friends since high school. God truly blessed me with them. I feel so grateful that we are still close to this day. We have shared so much with each other and I know we will continue for many, many years.

I know you are going to make a great mommy. Lincoln is so lucky to have you. You have prayed for him for years and the Lord is answering your prayers. I can't wait to see you as you develop into the most rewarding job God has given you. Just wait
until your eyes meet for the first time! I am so lucky that I get to share this with you! I Love you! Angela
The mommy-to-be and the cutest cowgirl ever! Lincoln is so lucky to have her for his girlfriend! ha ha

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Week.....

Thought I would share a little bit about this week....

It was my long stretch at work, I work 6 days on then I get 5 off. I love that I get this mini vacation once a month. It is so perfect to be able to be with my princess for the 5 whole days. We have had so much fun. It seems that it gets more fun everyday! Some days it feels like a dream...I could not picture it much better than this!

Last week at work was rough. Our hours got cut since we are not as busy in the summer and I let two employees off for vacation. Then one of my other techs son had to have surgery on his ear and she has been out. He is doing much better, but they will be at the hospital for a few more days! Of course when you are missing 3 employees it is like flu season and we were so busy...did I mention that our air was out also!?! It is some days over 100 degrees and we had NO air! Of course it started working again on my first day off...that is my luck! I am glad it is back on for everyone else though! I needed these 5 days!

Thought I would share a few pictures of my sweet girl!
We got her this exersauser this week. She is still a little to young for it....she was not sure what to do but still loved just sitting there. It will be perfect in a few weeks!
I played Baby Einstein for her for the first time this week. She loved it, she was was just the cutest thing! (I really did not sit her this close...I just moved her up to take the picture~ha!)

Hope you guys are having a great week! Saturday is the baby shower I am throwing for my friend Amanda! It is a western theme. I think it is going to be so cute if I can pull it all together!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Our house if officially for sale as of today! It is exciting in some ways, but it is also sad in so many ways for me. This is the house Jarred proposed to me in, this is the house we started our lives together in, and it is the house we started our family in. We thank God for the many memories in this house and we pray that the next family that moves in has as many wonderful blessed times.

Monday, July 13, 2009

We are CRAZY!

We have decided to put our house up for sale! Yes, I know, we are crazy to do this with a new baby! We feel that with the interest rates so low that now is the time to buy. It will go on the market July 27th. Well, guess what happen today? The realtor has someone she wants to show it to tomorrow!!! Yes, tomorrow! I am not ready for this. She told me not to worry about the baby stuff because we have one and the people will be fine with it. Looks like my night will be spent getting the house clean. Who knows, maybe these people will buy it! A girl can hope!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Amanda's Preggo Shots

Amanda wanted her shower invitations to have a few pictures on them. I had made some for Brooke's shower so we copied that idea. Here are a few of our favorites. More to come as her belly gets bigger and bigger. I can't wait to meet little Lincoln....he is going to be Ava's boyfriend! haKeep growing little Lincoln, we will see you in 3 short months!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July the 4th

Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July! We sure did. We went to Jarred's is always so good to get some country air. WARNING: Lots of pictures! Enjoy!
The whole group. What a great day we had!Ava loves her Mamaw and Pappy! We are going to go for a visit to their house soon.Nathan loves to go on rides on the you can see it is a lawn mower but he does not care. What a great Uncle to take him on "Joy" rides!Ava meets the horses! It was so cute.

Susie got Brooke and I got cookie decorating items for Mother's day. We had a lesson on Friday. I think we decorated cookies for 3 hours. We had so much fun. I wish Brooke lived closer because we would take a cake decorating class together!
Brooke is better than I am....hers looked great!I was impressed at how great they were! ha Maybe we should go into business!Ava went swimming for the first time....she loved it! It totally relaxed her. I think she is going to love the pool as much as her mommy does.I am so thankful this weekend for the men and women serving our country! We are so blessed to live in this great country. Please continue to pray for James. We learned today he gets to come home for 2 weeks in August for R & R. Ava can't wait to meet Uncle Jimmy!

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