Saturday, September 13, 2014

Photoshoot helper

I had a light tester today!  I LOVE how these turned out!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Emma's First Day of School

Emma has missed Ava being around.  I think after all the talk to Ava's first day of school she was so ready!
Emma's First Day of School (2 of 11)
I LOVE the backpack!
Emma's First Day of School (1 of 11)
Of course we have to stop and slide.
Emma's First Day of School (3 of 11)
Then on to class to check her "bunny" into class.
Emma's First Day of School (4 of 11)
Emma's First Day of School (6 of 11)
Emma's First Day of School (7 of 11)
Her buddy is with her.  She loves Jacob.
Emma's First Day of School (9 of 11)
I am so happy that she was so excited.  No tears!
Emma's First Day of School (10 of 11)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Long week....

It was a long week around here!  I mean, the alarm went off at 6:20 everyday!  And me + mornings = Do not get along.  It has been rough!!  Thank goodness for Spark(I ordered a whole tub)!  I have been amazed at how much I can get done after we drop Ava off.  Workout, dinner prep, laundry, etc...
But still, this is HARD for me!
Ava is doing better each day.  She even seems to enjoy it!!  I am so thankful for the many prayers that went up for my sweet girl!  I am a lucky lady to have been blessed with my family and friends!

Emma got to meet her teachers on Thursday and I LOVED them!  She was so excited to be there, that she did not want to leave.  I know she is going to have a wonderful year as she has many friends in her class(Jakie being one of them).

Emma has missed her sister so much.  She asks several times a day if we can go get her.  They have been inseparable in the evenings.  I hear everyday..."Ava, I missed you so much!"
On Friday we went to have lunch with Ava!  All I can say is this will take some getting used to but both girls LOVED it!

We celebrated Friday night by going out to eat!  Ava got to pick her own dessert!

The girls want to sleep together and this is what I overheard...."Ava, I am so proud of you for going to 'Pindergarten'."  Yep, that sums up how we all feel!  Proud and EXHAUSTED!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Emma's meet the teacher

It has been a weird week around here without our big girl.  Emma was so excited to meet her new teachers and then we had a special lunch after.  I think she is going to love her teachers and have such a great year.
FirstWeekofSchool (4 of 17)
FirstWeekofSchool (2 of 17)
FirstWeekofSchool (3 of 17)
She was so excited about the Playdoh.
FirstWeekofSchool (7 of 17)
FirstWeekofSchool (9 of 17)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First day of Kinder

The day I have dreaded finally came @ 5:30am.  I got up and got myself ready and made breakfast.  It was a rush to get us all out the door by 7.  (Ya'll early mornings and I don't get along....this will be hard for me!)  It was a ZOO at the school and it all seemed like a blur.  Ava immediately started clinging to my leg.  Jarred and I shared many sad looks.  It was so hard to leave her, but I prayed she would have a great day!
(Since we were on vacation and didn't get to meet the teacher, I did not know she needed a snack....Mommy fail A.L.R.E.A.D.Y.  Didn't take long!)  Emma and I rushed home and ran it back up there!

I could not wait to pick up my sweet girl.  We were one of the first in line about 30 minutes early!  She spotted me right away and was waving away!

When she got in the car I was ready to hear all her stories.  Poor thing said she had fun but she would rather not go back.  My heart fear! 

She was beyond exhausted.  Poor thing hardly touched her dinner and laid out on the bench at the table.  Sweet girl was in bed by 7!!  I hope she gets much need rest tomorrow!  Thanking God that tomorrow is a new day with new blessings!

I know that she will learn to love school, I have heard her teacher is beyond awesome!!  (I just hope the love comes fast because this momma's heart hurts!)

Monday, September 1, 2014

My baby is headed to Kindergarten tomorrow!

Where did the time go?  I really remember the day I took her to our church preschool and thought to myself....thank God I have many more years until Kinder.  Well, time is up!  And this really makes me sad. It seems our care free days are over.  My Ava is cautious and a little shy so I know tomorrow will be hard for her as well.  We have really talked school up and today she seemed excited.

We got to meet her teacher who she really likes and this has also helped.

We packed her back pack tonight will all her fun new stuff and she asked, "Can I go to big girl school now??"

Ava will be in the dual language program and she is very excited to learn more Spanish.  She loved this at preschool last year!

She will have two teachers and I really like this!!

I prayed that she will meet many new friends and fit in fast!

I am not ready, but I know she is!!!

Outfit is laid out, backpack is ready!  Our little school girl was in bed by 8 and she had a special story tonight!!!

Kindergarten here we come!!!!!!!!!!

Gulf Shores---Day 4

Warning....this post has many many pictures!

We started our day at the zoo!  We can't say enough good things about the "Little Zoo that Could."
Every year there is an added treat.  This year we finally caught the tiger cubs!  This was AWESOME!!!! We loved every second.  The tigers were named after the Ninja Turtles, Leonardo and Raphael.

This little guy loved Ava!!

Emma was not old enough so we saved the Kangaroos for her.

Then it was on to the lemurs!  These guys are funny!!!  And, beware....they love necklaces and hats!

See, those hats are a problem.

This guy wanted to take a picture right back!

Really guys, this zoo is the best! Nap time didn't happen so we went back to the beach!!  I mean, why not?!?
Beach angels are a must!
We did another beach session for our buds and I had to snap a few more of the girls! It was a busy day, but oh so fun!

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