Tuesday, June 29, 2010

15 Months

15 months...What? When did that happen? My sweet girl is growing up. I think she really gets sweeter by the day. She loves to snuggle in close to you and plant big kisses on your lips. Oh, how I live for this.

A few of her likes:
  1. Rozzy-she snuggles with him daily.
  2. Books-This girl could be read to all day.
  3. Swimming for sure!
  4. Taking walks in her car and watching for airplanes....we may have a pilot in the family.
  5. Going through momma's makeup everyday, then of course we have to go through the jewelry box to accessorize her outfit. (Sorry Jarred, she is going to be a glamorous girly girl!)
  6. Her Daddy
  7. Bath Time! (May be her favorite time of day)
  8. Her Annie and Leo dolls (from her Auntie Rosemary)
  9. Eating by herself (We are still practicing this!) We are eating all people food except for the Plum Baby Tots organic squeezable fruits.
Ava, I can't believe you are growing so fast. You are getting to be so much fun! There is not a day that goes by where my love does not grow for you. I pray that you always stay this sweet and have a real love for others. You are a special gift that I am so thankful for! I love you sweet girl! Happy 15 months!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wild about Daddy

Happy Father's Day! Ava and I are so lucky to be blessed with dad's who love and support us. I would not be where I am at today with the love of my parents.

When I was pregnant with Ava I tried to imagine how it would be to be parents. I often wondered how Jarred would be with a little girl? I thought he would be good but I never thought he would be as great as he is. To be honest, he is amazing! Ava, you are one blessed girl. Jarred, I love you more everyday. I am so proud of the father you are. I am proud to be your wife, and the mother of your children!Dinner with Dadd-e. We went to Saltgrass Steak House and had the most wonderful steak with crab and a piece of blackerry cheesecake for dessert! Yumm-o!

Of course we had to get Super Dad an ice cream cake, his fave.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


You may be asking yourself, "What is a woobie?" A woobie is something very precious and snuggly, like a bunny wunny or baby bankie. Ava has found her very precious woobie. Her daddy's dirty shirts. She goes in our closet and gets a shirt from his dirty hamper and proceeds to carry it around the house with her. (note to myself:throw clean ones on the top! ha)

The other morning I followed her in to see why she only gets his shirts and not mine. In that very moment I understood. She did indeed pick up a shirt from me and snuggled it in close to her face. She smelled it. It was not the smell she was looking for. She wanted daddy's smell. She politely discarded mine and went to search for daddy's.

Should I have a complex about this? I think I may!

On this father's day weekend, I hope you always have such a deep love for your dadd-e (as you say it). I hope you always want him near to you for the rest of your life. You two have such a special bond. A bond beyond my wildest dreams. Sweet girl you are his true princess and I know you think he is your prince. I love you both beyond words. I pray that you relationship will always be like this. Because what a special love it is!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Blackberry Pickin'

This girl is a blackberry pickin' fool. She had the best time plunking those plump gems off the vine them popping them in her mouth. She was a sight when we were finished. She had them everywhere, and her outfit is probably ruined but we had a great time!

Cool fact: The blackberry farm was planted by a university testing a hybrid model. There are no thorns! Perfect for kiddos!

Ava can't wait to try momma's homemade blackberry cobbler. I think her favorite part will probably still be the ice cream that will be included on the side!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is home with a sick kiddo....

Ava started to run a fever yesterday and by last night it was over 101. She does not act sick at all? She has her appetite, she still is playing so I am at a loss. We have been reading a lot this morning and watched a movie. I hope my sweet girl feels better soon!

I have learned this last week that I can not leave this girl unattended even for a minute! She sure loves toilet paper! Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend in review

It has been a relaxing weekend. I still have not been feeling 100% so Jarred been pulling double duty. I slept in both days! Such a huge help. I am anxious to get to the doctor and figure myself out. I keep saying that I need three B12 shots. I bet that would help!

Since Daddy has been on duty for most of the weekend Ava has loved breakfast time! She had her first donut on Saturday and a cinnamon roll this morning. She was so funny with the donut. I wish we would have gotten the video camera out. We have a small problem with her throwing food to the dogs. Well, they did not get a crumb Saturday morning. After she ate the donut(the whole thing) she proceeded to lick every inch of her fingers. It is safe to say to say that this girl is going to have a love affair with donuts. She will hate this one day!I think she is telling us, "Step away from the donut and no one will get hurt!"Hubs had some business and Ava and I tagged along. We went to Bass Pro Shops and then enjoyed dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. We thought Ava would enjoy eating there. It is a neat place but honestly the food stunk. I mean stunk big. We paid almost $50 bucks and did not even get dessert. I really wanted that chocolate volcano but I could think of a lot better ways to spend $13 dollars. Can you believe 13 dollars!?! Yikes! After dinner, I even got to do a little shopping in the mall. I found the best sell at Banana Republic Outlet. Yep, cute t-shirts for 10 dollars. I got a few. Score!

The heat index has been like 110 degrees this weekend. It's true! We have done a lot of swimming in both the baby pool and the neighborhood pool. Gotta love cooling off in the water. My sweet girl has a love for the water like her momma!

Church was great today. It hit home. More quite time and prayer which I need. So, I better get off the computer and get to reading. (They gave everyone a book at church today, how cool is that?)

Hope everyone has had a blessed weekend. There is nothing better than a relaxing weekend with family! Have a great week!Her daddy hopes she will love fish as much as he does!Ava loves her new swim partner and Rozzy loves getting in the pool. We had a better baby pool but the top got a small hole. She liked it better so Jarred is trying to find and fix the hole! Rozzy likes this one better because he can jump in this one!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I have been a bad blogger. I know I keep saying it, but it is true. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day. I will ask you guys to please pray for me. I have not been feeling well and I have another appointment in a few weeks. I have been having some severe stomach issues and little energy so my blog has been neglected. I am hoping a new doctor will have a new prospective and will know how to help.

Last weekend we went to the hubs parents for my father-in-laws birthday. They just got a new toy and the kids loved it! (I think the big kids liked it more though!) Ava held true to form and loved the water. Susie bought a new kiddo pool and I think Ava could have lived in it. It was a great weekend. Enjoy the pictures. I hope all is well with each of you, have a great weekend.
Warning: Lots of pictures. It is hard for me to just pick a few and then I have to scale them down as web images so they will fit. (That is why they sometimes don't look 100% clear).

Stay tuned for a new blog look! I am so excited! ;-)
Gotta love new toys.
This girl loves the water.
I think this girl could get use to country life. Except that when we got home she ran around the house making all her noises and laughing. She was excited to be home. I think she is going to take after her mommy and be a home body! ha ;-)

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