Saturday, February 14, 2015


We had a mini photo shoot.  I had the cutest idea but that didn't quite turn out the way I hoped.  Let's just say that there may have been a tiny tantrum!  Well, on the bright side, I have an idea for next year!
I LOVE these girls with my whole heart! 

Valentine's Day

Our day started out with heart biscuits at Chick-Fli-A.  The girls loved the craft and the cow!
Valentine's Day (1 of 8)
Valentine's Day (2 of 8)
They got a few LOVE gifts from us!
Valentine's Day (3 of 8)
Valentine's Day (4 of 8)
Valentine's Day (5 of 8)
Valentine's Day (6 of 8)
And we had special dessert after dinner....YUMMO!
Valentine's Day (7 of 8)
Valentine's Day (8 of 8)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Ava's Valentine Party

Emma was so excited to go to Ava's Valentine party.  I was so proud of Ava because she was just as excited.  She showed Emma around her classroom and introduced her to all her friends.  Ava even wanted us to stay so Emma could go to the playground with her class.  I sure hope these girls always LOVE each other like this!
Ava's School Party (1 of 4)
Ava's School Party (4 of 4)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Emma's Valentine Party

I was excited to spend a few hours in Emma's class!  They are such a fun age!
Emma could not wait to pass her love notes to her friends.
Val Party (3 of 6)
Val Party (4 of 6)
Since it was Thursday it was Move-N-Grove which is Emma's highlight of school.  I was glad to get a few of them in action.
Val Party (10 of 28)
Val Party (14 of 28)
Val Party (20 of 28)
Val Party (22 of 28)
Val Party (23 of 28)
Val Party (24 of 28)
Then it was party time!
Val Party (26 of 28)
Fun day!  Thankful for all the LOVE the school brings for my girl.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mamaw Ruth

Today we lost someone who was so special to us, Myrtle Ruth Tompkins.  I wanted to write this because I know one day my girls will come back to read this and I want them to know how amazing this woman was!

Jarred had a special bond with his mamaw.  He called and talked to her and Pappy a few times each week.  We heard many times throughout the years just how special these calls were to them.  When I first met Jarred he was so proud for me to meet them and after I did I completly understood how he loved them so much.

I can remember when we were leaving that day she told me that she had prayed for Jarred's wife since the day he was born.  She told me the name Angela was perfect because I was the angel she had prayed for.  (I remember thinking....Oh Lord, she thinks we are getting married! hehe)  Many years later, she indeed told me that she knew I was the one that day long before I knew.  And really it took me many years to grasp how special this was.  She was praying for me before I was even born.

For those of you who know me, know that I worry.  And I usually worry a lot.  Mamaw Ruth was a worrier and many times I told her circumstances because I knew she would worry which turned into many prayers. (Selfish!! hehe)  She would call me on the days of my doctor appointments and always wanted answers.  Today, our family lost a great prayer warrior.  She set an example that will carry on for generations to come.

And lastly, we loved her so much we named Emma after her.  Jarred called to tell Mamaw that we were having another girl and we wanted to name her after her.  Her response was, "please tell me not Myrtle".  We laughed and told her Emma Ruth.  I pray that Emma has many of her qualities.  There could be no greater compliment as parents.

She will be so missed.  But, I am so comforted that she will be one of the first faces I want to see when it is my time to meet Jesus!  We Love you Mamaw Ruth.....more than these words could ever due justice.


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