Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Doc is in

 Doc Emma is in
Of course we needed a small photo shoot of our little doctor for the party invite!  Cutest doctor EVER!
Emma requested a Doc McStuffin's party this year!  And what a fun theme it was!  What is better than icing shots, huge candy operation, painting, and so much more?!?

My cousin Tonya outdid herself on the painting this year!  They were better than perfect!!(Yes, with her this is possible!
The icing shots were a HUGE hit.  Then we had cotton candy for "extra stuffing", M&Ms for vitamins, marshmallows for cotton balls, and waffer cookies for bandaids.

 Mamie helped check everyone in.  Of course, they need their own doctor badge!
 The animals needed a cure from "Clear Coloritis"

The huge candy operation game was the best!!!  How cute is the little teddy?!?  And, he had lots of candy. 
Then we played "pin the bandaid on Lambie"
Cupcake time.

And more icing....

Yall, Emma was a riot while opening her gifts!!  Her expressions were priceless!!!!  She was so happy with ALL her presents!
We are so lucky for all our wonderful friends and family!  You each bring so much joy to our little family!  Thanks for celebrating Doc Emma!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Emma's Birthday

How is my baby 3?  It really does seem like yesterday she was born.  3 years flew by...they flew by so fast that I want them to slow WAY down.

Here is the email I sent Emma today:
How is it possible you are 3???  I can remember the day you came.  You were so beautiful and EVERYONE else thought so too.  You were the sweetest little thing and I thought how is it possible I got two sweet babies.  I secretly loved feeding time because I got you all to myself.  I prayed for you and the Lord granted what I asked. Samuel 1:27

Emma, you make us laugh everyday!  You are so very sassy and oh so smart.  I know you will go far in life!  I am amazed at the stuff you say.....sometimes with a little attitude and your hands on your hip. hehe  You pick up stuff so quickly.  For example, Ava is doing her sight words and you already know a few.  You can count to 20. After 20 you say 100 so proudly!!!
And to me you are so beautiful.  You have the longest hair and I really love to fix it.  (I am trying to get better at braids!)
I am so happy to be your mom.  I want you to know that you are LOVED.  You were so loved 3 years ago, but somehow this love grows everyday.

You favorites right now:
1.  Mac-N-Cheese
2.  Fruit (all kinds!)
3.  Favorite TV show:  Doc McStuffins (This is what you wanted your party in)
4.  Favorite princess:  Ariel
5.  Favorite store: Target
6.  Favorite restaurant:  Panera Bread
7.  Favorite store:  Target (for the popcorn and coke!)
8.  Best friend:  Noah

Today we celebrated you and Mimi!  Oh, how you are both so LOVED!  Happy birthday to two of my favorite people!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mary Poppins

Our friends are such a talented family.  We have a blast in watching the shows they produce and the shows they act in!
MaryPoppins (4 of 9)
Emma was so excited for her first play!
MaryPoppins (6 of 9)
The show was so colorful!
MaryPoppins (2 of 9)
MaryPoppins (3 of 9)
And the perfect "fly" scene.
MaryPoppins (7 of 9)
MaryPoppins (8 of 9)
MaryPoppins (9 of 9)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015

Happy 2015 
2014 was a great year for us!!
Here are a few highlights:
  • We visited our favorite beach again. 
  • Ava started Kindergarten(this has been a really big change around here! She is loving school and seems to be thriving! I am so very proud of her!) 
  • Ava is in gymnastics and now does not only cart wheels all around the house, but now also round-offs! She is loving it! 
  • Emma started swim lessons 
  • We took Mimi on her very first visit trip to Disney World 
  • Jarred and I celebrated 9 years of marriage 
Here are a few pictures from New Years Day! Of course we ate our cabbage and black eye peas!! (Along with Mimi's famous fried chicken!) Can you guess what we did?
This year we are praying for a little change around here! I am really excited what the change will be. Here is to a happy and healthy 2015! I am so excited for all the new memories 2015 will bring!

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