Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toddler Busy Bags

Many of you know that I had the privilege of participating in a "Toddler Busy Bag Swap". I wanted all of you mommy's to be able to see the awesome 25 projects that I came away with. Please go to these two blogs (Chelsea and Kirby)where they will be posting daily how-to posts so you can each make your own. Ava and I have already been very "busy" with 3 of these bags.

Here are a few pictures from our own bag (we had Silly face mint tins)
picture 4.5
Wait until you see some of the others! There were some very talented ladies in our group. Please let me know if you have any questions about this project. I will be happy to answer any questions and if I can't I will know who can! I am so excited about all the teaching/fun times these bags are going to provide with Ava!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our first visit to the dentist

Ava was excited to see the dentist. She would flash that pretty smile of hers and say cheese. I told her they were going to brush and then take a look. She did great UNTIL the x-rays. Mommy could not go with her due to Emma cooking away so they took her by herself. I tried to explain they were going to take some pictures but who wouldn't be scared of that big machine?
She loved getting the stickers for doing such a good job and we are happy to report NO CAVITIES!
I am so proud of my no cavity big girl!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Catching up....

What a week! A really fun week. Ava and I have had the best time hanging with our buds. We are probably partial, but we really do think we have the best!
First up, Jumpalooza with Andee and Aubree. The girls were in LOVE. They jumped for almost 3 solid hours. Oh how it helped Ava take a long nap. (I know one of my nephew's would love this place. Maybe his mommy should bring him for a visit. Hint, Hint!)
Up next, dinner and cupcakes to celebrate a special birthday. Happy 30th Birthday to one of our favorite girls! We sure do love you Alecia! Ava loved getting to have dinner and a cupcake with her boyfriend Lincoln.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Surprise, It's a.......

good (3)
good (2)
good (1)
We are officially Team Pink!
good (5)
Hello, My Name is Emma Ruth. I am named after my daddy's Mamaw Ruth.
good (4)
Ava loves her sissy!

From the fullness of grace we have received one blessing after another--John 1:16

Friday, August 19, 2011

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. B

Don't weddings make you happy? They always make me take a moment and thank God for my sweet Hubs! Jarred's sweet cousin got married last weekend and we had such a great time with all the family. Here are a few pictures:
Here we are dancing the night away~

Wow dude, big airplanes!

The best part of having a wedding out of town is when you get to stay with some of your favorite people. We had a great weekend hanging out with Mamaw and Pappy. Another big bonus was Jarred's Aunt Michele and Uncle Larry were in from Georgia and it was great catching up with them!

Miss Priss loves planes. We joke that she may be a pilot. Pappy is retired Air Force so a trip to the Barksdale Airforce base was perfect. I did indeed mumble a prayer that went a little like this--"Sweet Jesus I am totally okay with Ava being a pilot but just not a fighter pilot! I sure hope he was listening especially after she got so close and personal. She was a hoot running from plane to plane. We heard may "Wow Dude", "Big Plane", and one "AMAZING"!
I got such a kick out of this picture. Maybe this is where the pinup pictures all started?
Being there makes me even more thankful for the men and women who have and are fighting for our freedom.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This girl loves her dad!

I mean loves him. It sometimes makes me mad. Okay, only half kidding. They have been having bonding time over a deer stand. Yep, a deer stand. Let's just call her, "Ava the builder". She loves it! I get so tickled to see her copy Jarred. The girl can work a tape measure.
I am writing this mainly because I don't want to forget and it really is to funny not to share. For those of you who know my hubby he sings/talks in a really high pitched voice when he is trying to annoy you. This gets under my skin. Well, this gets under Ava's skin too! She has been saying, "No No Daddy" and when this did not work the other day she said "shut up"! Yikes. She did get a spanking but I was hiding so I could laugh because this girl said just what I wanted to say myself. We are concerned where she heard this. Could it be from me? Nah!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Schlitterbahn Baby! (Warning lots of pictures!)

This is one of my favorite places. How could it not be after going yearly with my entire family since the age of 2? Yes, 2. It was not even Schlitterbahn then, I think it was called Camp Landa? What precious memories. This year I started the tradition with my own 2 year old. Not quite as much family this go around but I am wishing that may change in the following years. It was always so much fun playing with the cousins and I wish the same for my sweet girl.
What a fun weekend. And the best part, Ava was in love. LOVE. She loved the big slides and the little slides. She was all smiles and so was her mommy!
We celebrated a very special birthday Friday night at our favorite restaurant, The Gristmill. Y-U-M-M-O. Happy birthday to our Auntie! We love you so much. You always make us feel so loved and special! You have been such an example on how to love. I hope my nephews view me the same way one day.
The new tradition has started, see ya again next year Schlitterbahn! (P.S. We are really excited about the 4 new rides coming!)

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