Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gulf Shores--Day 3

Day 3 started with a daddy/daughter date.  Jarred took Ava golfing.  I handed him the camera so he could take a few pictures.  Ava is really getting into golf and really enjoys it.  They didn't make it the entire 18 holes but Jarred stopped when she was getting restless so she would want to go again!

Then it was off to the beach.  Surprise! Surprise! (I am sure this is the only reason Ava did not make to 18 holes!)

Added bonus was The Webers from church came to play on the beach with us!!

This was Emma's favorite thing to do on the beach.....Snack!

After lunch we headed to an Alligator farm.  Ya'll this place was so neat!  And I would say the workers need to be committed!!!  We made it in time for the 4 o'clock feeding!  The guy would ring the "dinner bell" and they would all come swimming up!

Here are a few of the fan gallery.

And of course we got to feed a few ourselves!  Behind the fence!!!

And in the end we even got to hold one!  Emma was the only brave sole out of the kiddos.  The crazy girl even went as far to hug it!

As you can see, the mouth is taped shut.  We are not as crazy as the swamp workers! ha

They were even offering swim lessons!  Laughing....

And then it was time for dinner out by the pool!

And these guys could not get beaten enough in chicken foot so we had to play again.  But not before we played a round of Go Fish, Frozen style.  This was the game of the week for my sweet Ava!  And, she won EVERYTIME!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gulf Shores Day 2

Lots of Sand, lots of water. and lots of Fun!

We had schedule a session with a local photographer.  She was wonderful, I can't wait to see the pictures!  I brought my camera and got a couple of the girls.  I am loving the change of scenery!!!!

This one is my favorite!  I sure hope these girls always keep their love for one another.  They are very close and my prayer has always been for them to be close friends.  I really try and encourage it every chance I get.

Dinner time!  We choose another favorite, Louisiana Lagniappe.  Trust me when I say they have the best shrimp and grits!

And her is an "angagram"

Gulf Shores--Day 1

This vacation was a little bittersweet!  In some ways I could not wait to get away but I knew when we got back Ava would be starting Kindergarten.  I enjoyed every minute of summer but the vacation did seem to come way to fast.  I have been surprised that I have enjoyed the week and I rarely even thought of the dread to await our return home.

You will notice a theme to our week....beach going, game playing, and eating out.  Three of my favorite activities!

We ate at our favorite restaurant, The Gulf Steamer.  The shrimp and crab are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
We usually eat there at least twice.  My mouth is watering just typing about it.
It is located right on the marina so I had the perfect photo op.

This food is worthy of a picture.

And seriously, how cute are they??  Emma loves Ava to feed her!

We played "chicken foot" every night! And, every night they lost!  I am the Q.U.E.E.N. of this game.
(I think it's because I played it so much growing up!) It took them 4 nights to accept this and we moved on to a more dangerous game.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tonight we golfed.

This is what Jarred and Ava do.  They go after dinner(when it has cooled off) to hit a few balls.  I learned you can't go until you buy Gatorade(a new flavor every time) + M&Ms.  After our short shopping adventure we were on our way!   I learned tonight that Ava is a natural! She really does well, to be honest I was a little shocked!(Can you say Praise the Lord!! There just may be a college scholarship! Laughing....)
She so enjoys the time with her daddy!

This was the first time for Emma to go!
I think the club might me as heavy as her!

I think this is my favorite picture of the night! Jarred has so enjoyed teaching them the game. (He has a little more work to do with Emma! College scholarship! College scholarship! Cheer with me!) Ava was also getting a photography lesson in night photography. She will be well rounded. ;-) What a great night! And here is one of the coach(my hubs) in action!
I also got a lesson but I wont bore you with those pictures!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Behind.....I was doing so good too!

We have a slow end of summer. Many days at the pool, and a few fun adventures. We went to a new place called Little Beakers. What a fun place!! I mean, coke explosions, elephant toothpaste, fake snow, and microscopes?!?! It was such a blast that we have been back already! Warning, picture overload..... My little scientists(is this a word?ha)

It turned pink!!! Love Ava's face. This takes concentration!! Little builders... ! This was so cool for the kiddos!!

And now for the coke explosions.... It got Emma right in the face.
Now for Ava's...

And Lincoln's was the best...
Thankful for a fun day with some of our fav friends! (And, I know a few boys we just have to take...Hint, Hint Aunt Boon and Aunt Lissa!)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Golfing with Daddy

Golfing (12 of 1)
Golfing (11 of 1)
Golfing (6 of 1)
The look of concentration....
Golfing (1 of 1)
Golfing (9 of 1)
And these are my favorite shots of the night!
And here is one of Dad in action...

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