Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pajamas and Pancakes

Who doesn't love pancakes?? I mean really! A party where you get to wear your pajamas and eat pancakes!! Sounds heavenly! Party favors were never so easy! Cereal and donuts! And for once it was okay to eat in bed! What is better, Cake or Donuts?? How about both, donut cake. Emma got many goodies. Lots of Frozen! And her charm bracelet has officially been started. (This is my family tradition) So blessed to have our family and friends. Each are my greatest treasures! Happy 2nd Birthday Emma "Rutie". We love you bigger than the sky!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas with the Tompkins Family

We had Christmas a little late this year as our sweet Mamaw Ruth has been sick.  Since Emma's birthday party was this weekend it was a perfect time to finally have it.  The kiddos barely could get through dinner because presents were waiting!!

Mamie made each of the kiddos blankets which were the hit of the year!  The kids were in LOVE!

So glad we finally could get together.  And I am ashamed I didn't get more pictures!  What is wrong with me??

Emma's birthday at the Aquarium

We took Emma to the Aquarium for her birthday.  We actually took Ava on her 1st as well.  We knew she would love it.  She really was not a big fan of the train ride through the shark tank but loved the carousel!  We had a great night celebrating our sweet girl with our family!
This girl loves when you sing Happy Birthday to her! She even joined in on the singing! We love this sweet girl! I am so glad you had a happy birthday!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Emma is TWO

Sweet Emma,
How are you already two?  It really does not seem possible.  You my dear are our “little spit-fire”.  You are full of life, and know just want you want.  You have a big heart and hate to see anyone upset.  You talk in full sentences.  Many times I am shocked at what you can say.   You are my Sunshine, and I LOVE you bigger than the sky!

At two:
1. Your favorite toy would be your baby dolls and anything that goes with them.
2. You love your blankie (I bet daddy wishes you would tag around his shirt instead like your sissy)
3. You wear 18 month clothes
4. You weigh about 22 lbs
5. You love getting into my makeup! There has been many times I catch you with black eye-shadow all over your face
6. You love music and shaking your booty to it
7. You love riding with Daddy in the “mini-truck”
8. Your Nickname is “Rutie” and you tell everyone your name is “Rutie Tompkins” (This was started since your name middle name is Ruth)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Emma's First Day of Preschool

Today was Emmie's first day of preschool. Sometimes, I really wish I could stop time. It really does seem like yesterday she was born. I can remember when I dropped Ava off for her first day I wondered how people drop there kiddos off to kindergarten?!? I was so thankful that I had many more years to ponder that. Well, guess what?? This was also Ava's first day of her last semester of
preschool. Sigh....

I was a little nervous on how Emma would act. I really thought she would be upset and cry. I went into the class with her, she was unsure at first. Then she spotted the slide and that was it. I hung out for a few more minutes and all seemed well.
I am lucky the girls go to school where we also go to church. My cousin works in the office and I went in and started to cry. She was so sweet to remind me we have to love the stage we are living. It's easy to dwell and be sad they are getting bigger, but I also LOVE the little firecracker Emma is becoming.
I got a few texts and a facebook message to tell me she was having an awesome day. There
were never any tears.
I could not wait to hear all about her day. Her highlight was the bubbles! So thankful her first day was a happy day!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

It's a new year, and I have a new goal. I want to keep up with my blog again.   I have really slacked due to Instagram and Facebook, but I miss coming back to read. I want these blog posts to be made into books that my girls can keep. (especially since scrapbooking is not happening these days!) So, the first post of the year is our Christmas. (Of course, at a glance as I took over 300 pictures! Not including the pictures Ava took! That's another story.)
We had a low key Christmas this year which was much needed. We LOVED spending the time together.   We went looking at Christmas lights one cold night and went to the live nativity at church.
We cooked, made gingerbread houses, read our Christmas books, played games and really enjoyed just being together.

Santa came for a visit at our house! (We had Santa Mini's this year for many of our friend's and family!) Santa showed Ava how he uses his magic...a touch of the nose. Poor Emma was not a fan,
maybe next year???

Christmas Eve started the Christmas events.  We laughed that all Mimi needed to buy Emma was a $5 bear.  The girls loved their Ariel doll's that the tail changes colors and both got new vanities. 

Then it was a mad dash to get cookies out and kiddos in bed.  This year both were so excited about Santa's arrival!
Jarred is usually the first one up by 5, much too excited to sleep. This year Ava beat him and was just sitting in the living room looking and waiting. Sweet Emma was mad, she wanted to sleep. We laughed and said she was more like an 8:30 type of girl. (Hum, she is like her momma!)
The excitement was high. Ava was hardly finished with one gift before she was starting on another. Emma, on the other hand found her new baby and didn't want another thing! She named her baby "baby Jesus" and was immediately in love. "Baby Jesus" was put in the stroller Santa brought and strolled all through the house. "Baby Jesus" would start to cry and Emma would always want me to help. Such a sweet little momma!

Ava loved the new "Mini truck" and her new camera. By the end of the day, I was exhausted from posing and smiling. I got to see first hand how my sweet girls feel as they always have the camera pointed at them.  The great news is I have not ruined them! :-)

Here is Ava's pictures from Christmas morning. I laugh at her perspective, I love getting to see it
through her eyes.
My favorite gift was my new pink speaker and I would say Jarred was really surprised by the
new binoculars.
Then we had lunch and opened more presents. The new Frozen castle was a huge hit from Papa John.  And now we have Ariel hair from Aunt Ash.
So much to be thankful for this Christmas. Thankful for my family that God blessed me with. I sure try and not take a single moment for granted.

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