Sunday, March 27, 2011

My favorite day! Oh how I love March 31st

I love this date, March 31st has brought many blessings to my life. On March 31, 1979 my husband was born. I thank God daily for the wonderful man and father he is. March 31, 2009 my daughter was born. God has blessed me with a sweet girl who brings many smiles and laughs to our days. The world is much better because these two people came on March 31st! Jarred&Ava6
I am feeling weepy. How can it be that my baby is two? It seems that she maybe could be a year old, but 2, no way!
You have been such a huge blessing. I love your smile and that sweet laugh that goes with it! It really is contagious. There are many times that you are laughing and crinkling that little nose up that I think, Is this real? Is she really mine? You make each day so much brighter. I look forward to each new day that starts because we have so much fun together! From cooking to bath time we have a blast.
Your speech is taking off. I love to hear the new words that sound so stinkin' cute. Unfortunately, your new favorite word seems to be no. You know all your colors and we are now working on letters. We ask you how old you are and you say two and hold up 4 fingers. We are working on that. Jarred&Ava2
Here are some of your favs right now:
Thomas the train
Veggie Tales (everytime we get in the car I hear "Bot-Bot" which means "Bob"
You love your dog Rozzy
Your cousin Na-Na seems to be a favorite since he was here for your party
The Little Gym
Slides (at the park and at school)
You are such a good eater, you eat everything. You still love all kinds of fruit. You love to eat Mexican food so you can have chips and dip. Thank God for 1/2 price fajita night at Pappasitos! Jarred&Ava7
Now to hubs:
Happy Birthday! You are such an amazing dad and husband. You bless me is so many ways. I love that we are friends and we have such good times together. I love that after all these years I still get excited to have a date with you and just talk. You mean everything to me and I feel so lucky that God blessed my life in such a big way by just allowing me to be your wife. I am so proud to call you my husband and the father of my children. I pray many blessings on our family this upcoming year. I love you!

Weekend Fun----Part 2

Welcome to Ava's Sweet Shoppe 110326_4324 110326_4318
What is better than a party with nothing but candy? 110326_4326
Really nothing!

Gummy bears, Star Bursts, Ring Pops, Oh My! 110326_4327 110326_4321 party1 party3 party4
We want to thank everyone who came and made Ava's special day so special! Each of you mean so much to us. We are blessed. We hope you had as much fun as we did. I hope your not mad for the many sugar highs and hyper activity. Don't worry, we had a few here too!
Much love to each of you!

Weekend Fun---Part 1

This weekend caused many smiles, many happy thoughts, and many laughs. I feel so lucky! Lucky to have hubs, a precious "almost" 2 year old, and family/friends. I am one blessed chick!

Saturday was Ava's birthday party so we had Jarred's family come in early to have some fun! Brooke, Susie, and Nathan arrived on Friday. We rented a bounce house for the big day and I got a call asking if it would be okay if they dropped it off early and left it for the weekend! Really!?! Score for us! The kiddos had so much fun jumping (Ok, and the parents and Mamies!) jumphouse2 Jumphouse
That night we took Nathan to the Aquarium restaurant so he could see the Sharks! The kiddos were amazed. They loved to watch the fish, there were many oohs and awws! After dinner the train took us to see the sharks! I think they could have cared less! What they cared about was the train that took us there. These kiddos are train lovin' fools! Then it was off to the carousel and farris wheel. What an absolutely perfect night! Aquarium_Part1 Aquarium_part2 aquarium_part3 aquarium_Part4

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My two days of Spring Break

It is Sunday already? Man, this weekend went by way to fast. I laughed that I got two days of Spring break. It is weeks like this I wish I would have re-thought the job decision.

Friday night we celebrated our best bud, Elissa. She turned 30 last Monday and this was the first day we could all get together. Happy Birthday to our "bestest" friend and "bestest" Aunt! Life truly is so much sweeter with you! Elissa_Bday
Saturday we went to a fish fry with my family. It was great to hang with them for the afternoon. We were planning our next camping trip (Yes, Kevin you have to be with me all weekend!) and planning a family vacation for later in the year. We decided that we need to hangout for no reason more often. It was horse riding, fish feeding, much swinging, eating good time! Fish Fry And, this is my favorite picture from the weekend: Jarred_Ava

Sunday was spent cleaning, cooking, and getting ready for someone's birthday! My projects are turning out so stinkin' cute if I can say so myself. Now I am completely pooped. Is the weekend really already over?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend of "Na-Na"

We had the best weekend. Ava and I headed to Brooke's to celebrate a baby shower for Noah James. We left on Friday and arrived in time to pick Nathan up from school. To say he was excited to see her is an understatement. We then headed to a local park for some fun.

(Note: all pictures were taken with the iphone because someone thought she was being really organized and plugged the battery in to charge only to run off and leave it. I felt naked all weekend without it. I was so mad at myself! Brooke was nice enough to find a camera shop but the battery was over $100 dollars! Argg....) photo-5 copy photo-4 photo-3
Ava had a blast feeding the ducks. Nathan was so excited to be able to teach her how. Then it was off to play at the park.
photo-2 photo-1
On Saturday we went and did what we do best, SHOP! We found Ava a bow to go with her Easter dress. What do you think? Laughing..... photo
Ava loves Na-Na's Choo-Choos. I give up! My girl is not going to like dolls or Barbie's. She loves boy toys(which brings great pleasure to her daddy! He thinks this is a sure sign she will love to hunt and fish. Can you say Camo bows?) At least she still looks like a princess doing it! photo-8
Ava's favorite toys right now:
1. Her remote control truck from Auntie Rosie and Danny
2. Ironman action figure from Aunt Lissa and Uncle Jimmy
3. Choo Choo Trains
Her birthday list mainly consists of boy toys. Cars and trains.

We had a great weekend. We are excited for Noah to get here, only 4 more short weeks. I did not get any pics of the shower. Can you say MAD! Argg...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh Weekends

Oh weekends, oh how I love you! Just wish you would stick around a little longer and maybe even come around again sooner.

This weekend was a fun one. I am loving my new schedule that I get 3 day weekends twice a month. Can I get an amen! We spent this weekend at the in-laws celebrating a mommy to be! You will see in these pictures that my girl is a country girl. She loves being outside doing all things "country"!
110226_3792 110226_3796 110226_3799 110226_3807
Then on Sunday we celebrated a birthday for Uncle Jimmy! Happy 31st birthday to our best bud. Can you say steaks and cheesecake? Y-U-M-M-O! And, when I say cheesecake I mean the raspberry white chocolate from the Cheesecake Factory. The best part was we got to take leftovers. JamesCollage
See ya again soon weekend, only 2 more days! Wonder what fun you will bring this time?

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