Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Frozen sisters!  (I know....shocker!)
Because I have a sister, I will always have a friend.

Sometimes being a sister is even better than being a princess!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is anyone still there??

Life has been crazy around here.  It has been a hard adjustment with the whole school thing!  Ava is really doing well.  Everyday she comes home and always has something new she has learned.  From what I can tell she is doing fantastic. (We go in on November 7th for report cards with her teacher)
I am so proud of her because since the first day of school she has stayed on Green!
It is still a little hard for me!  I miss her, she is in bed so early that some days I only get to see her for 2 hours.  We have a tradition of eating with her every Friday and she LOVES this!

One Friday we just skipped lunch and picked her up early for a movie date!  We saw Dolphin Tale 2 and the girls were HUGE fans!

We have been busy!  This is my busy season with my photography!  My business is really starting to pick up, and I am enjoying it!  I love to capture memories for families.  I would say my prize possession is my photographs and I love to share it! I had a cute helper on Saturday!  She loved testing the light and being my helper!

We have celebrated many birthdays(mine included!)
First up....Lincoln.  The girls had a BLAST!

Up next, Aubree.  It was a perfect morning at the farm!

Me and my Mam-maw at our birthday lunch!

We went to see our friends in the play, Seussical Jr.  Ava and I enjoy seeing them each time!  (And we always have front row seats!)

We have been.....
enjoying the nice cooler weather!

Painting Halloween plates, and new Christmas ornaments! (I have a new favorite for the tree!)

Painting pumpkins...

Girls got to meet the HEB bag(hey, it was a highlight of all our shopping trips!)

Enjoying our weekly lunch dates after bible study!

And of course, lots of game playing!

I have been slacking posting and this has to stop!  I want this for my girls!  I will do better, I will do better!  Life just gets so busy.....
I will post again soon! (Promise!)

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