Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last week in our lives...

Last week was VBS for us!

Agents reporting for duty....

We had a great week.  The girls love Dennis Lee and NannaPuddin and could not wait to go everyday.

Emma is having a blast at swimming.  Poor thing has had a rough time understanding she can't do everything her sissy does.  Thankful she finally turned 2 1/2!!!

We also got to celebrate a sweet friend.  Happy birthday Katilyn!

It was a full week and we aren't slowing down anytime soon!  We LOVE summer!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our weekend

Our weekend started so "sweet"!  We toured a chocolate factory near our house.  The kids learned how chocolate was made and then got to see how they make all the wonderful candy!  (And a few taste tests of course!)  After the tour, they even got to decorate their own chocolate bar! Sweet!
So thankful for sweet friends! Ava told me later that night that she loved it because all her favorite people were there. She has missed going to school to see these girls.
Then it was off to a baby shower on Saturday to celebrate Baby Boy Sistrunk.
The three amigos!  We three have grown up together.  We have celebrated each new phase of our lives together.  I love them both and count them as one of my greastest blessings!
We are excited to meet the new little dude.  8 weeks and counting....

Then we had a wonderful dinner to celebrate this amazing man!  Thanks for loving these girls.  You were made to be a daddy to girls.  You are amazing and I am so happy you are teaching them the way girls deserve to be treated.  I am so proud of you.
And of course a little stroll after dinner!

This is the photo I posted on facebook this morning!  This is a picture with 4 amazing dads!

My dad believed I could go and do anything.  He believed in me and pushed me to reach my dreams.  As I have grown up I have learned what a precious gift this was.  There are many parents who don't encourage and don't believe in their dreams.  Thanks daddy for teaching me how to encourage.  It's a gift I will for sure continue.  I love you bigger than the sky!

A weekend at Mamie's

These kids couldn't wait to get to Mamie's!  It had been a long few months since they got to see Papaw and Mamie!  I think we heard 100 times, are we almost there?!?  I laughed because when we arrived Ava and Emma were wanting some alone time!  At one point they asked, "Mom can you go to work?"  Hint was taken and I went shopping.  The kiddos had a blast swimming, taking rides, and having movie nights!
Don't you love the attire! (This is funny if you know my dad!) While we were there, Wayne and Susie celebrated 40 years of marriage! We had to do a small photo shoot! What fun we had! The girls are already counting down to our next visit!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

School's out for the Summer....

School is out and we have been enjoying it! Ready for fun in the sun, and loads of fun!
Girls on the last day of school! (This is always hard for me!)
Last day of a Busy Bee Last day of a Loving Ladybug
Butterfly museum was our first stop. Such a neat place to visit. We aren't really fond of the bug/spider exhibit but at least they are behind glass!
Then it was off for lunch at Amazon Grill. Highly recommend! The girls loved cooking their own dessert.

Next on the agenda was the Childrens Museum. The girls loved the little city. They got to work at HEB, help on the ambulance, and work at the vet. They had a little cafe where the kiddos served us. And, don't mention the painting station. But the MOST favorite was the face painting station. Can you say YIKES!?! Emma was in heaven! It was like putting on make-up!! We are excited for all the fun that summer brings! The next few weeks are packed!

Like Father Like Daughter

Really?!?  Oh yes!  But, she is quite different in one area!  She likes to have long deep conversations in the bathroom!  This is very much unlike daddy and Ava!  I laugh as she says, "Momma, don't leave.  Let's talk!"  Just what I want to do!  (We have had some pretty sweet conversations though!)

Woo hoo for potty trained! I feel rich....No more diapers!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Meeting Anna and Elsa

Chick-fl-a + face painting + Olfa balloons + Anna and Elsa =  Wow, couldn't get much better for these Frozen loving girls!  I will let the pictures do the talking!  These girls were happy, happy, happy!  Maybe even elated!

And that just about sums it up!  Thanks Chick-fl-a for a fun Frozen night!

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