Saturday, September 24, 2011

Here we are at 22 weeks

I am behind. Again. But I wanted to post how we looked at 22 weeks.
22weeks copy
Things are progressing nicely. Happy to report our little sweet girl is looking good. The down side is that I am trying to go a little faster so another shot was added this week. At least it's just once a week instead of daily. Did I mention that I am tired of needles. Well, I am. You should see my poor stomach. Now it will be both the upper legs and stomach that is all bruised up. I. AM. SICK. OF. SHOTS. I forgot to mention the new shot is thick as cooking oil. Yep, you can actually see through the needle. I hope my girls appreciate this one day? Probably not! ;-)
Still a girl!
Her sweet profile.
Daddy's feet. The second toe is bigger than the big toe and they are looking BIG already!

Since they are taking little Emma early she will be here in 3 short months. This has flown by!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Recap on Ava's first day of school.

Ava has went to school a total of 4 times and you guessed it she is already sick. Running over 103 today so our fun plans were canceled and off to the doctor we went. We are thinking just a sinus infection, hopefully antibiotics will kick it soon. When asking Ava if she feels bad, her response is "No, Aba okay Mommy!" This girl is even sweet when sick. Now back to school pictures....I got a little side tracked.
On the first morning Ava kept telling me she was excited for school. She wanted to go as soon as her breakfast was consumed. Let's just say that when Jarred picked her up they had quite a few stories to share:
1. She loved her lunch. So much that after hers was done she moved on to others.
2. She went pee in the potty twice. That stinker won't go at home.
3. No nap for our girl. She was the only one.
4. During music she sang the loudest
Yikes! Do we have that child?
I am happy to report that she did calm down a little. Naps are being taking, but she is still taking some lunches! At least she loves going. The best part is her teacher is Ms. Nancy who Ava calls Fancy Nancy!

Happy school year Ava! I hope you continue to love it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

More fun at Mamie's

Ava and I spent the weekend at the in-laws while daddy was at the deer lease getting things ready for the season. It was Canton weekend and I wanted to do a little shopping for Emma's room. Of course, Ava got a few cute things as well.

Ava loves farm life. Feeding horses, fixing flat tires, taking in trash, and scooping poop. What could be better? I am really going to talk to this girl. I mean scooping poop, Really Ava?
3 copy
Then there is outdoor "snack" picnics....
Then bubble bath time with your favorite cousin....
Matching PJs....
Fixing breakfast....
Farm life is for this girl. Maybe there will be hope for Emma? Probably not!
Ava's only question, When we going back?

Tea for Five Please

I now have a girl who loves tea parties! Who wouldn't after the tea party that her Mamie had just for her. This girl was in LOVE. She invited her Papaw, Mommy, and even Buddy. Yes, even the dog. She did make him dress up for a treat though. He thought it was totally worth it.
This was her pinky up. She is so stinkin cute. I just love her so.
I now have a girl that asks for tea parties daily. We will have one soon and this time our guests of honor will be Daddy, Rozzy, and Sophie. These dogs are sure lucky to be in our family!

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