Friday, March 12, 2010

Our James is finally home!

Last night James finally made it home! We are so thankful for this safe deployment. There were many prayers sent up to keep our favorite solider safe, we are thankful they were answered. This last year without James has been quite. I am so excited that our fun times can now begin again. (The guys are itching to go look for that new boat that James will be getting soon! Elissa, your hubby and my hubby may never be home!)

The Welcome Wagon was at the airport last night. We were all so excited to get the first glimpse of his smiling face. I think he was embarrassed (I guess the huge sign might have played a part). Did he really think we would not be there? We have been looking forward to this day before he ever left! Welcome home James, you will always be our favorite solider!

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