Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wow, I am behind. It has been a crazy week "again" around our parts. All the fun is catching up with this mommy. I. Am. Pooped.

I had a nice mini vacation and we headed to the in-laws to celebrate a big 60th birthday. My kiddo was in heaven that her Na-Na was there. What a pair these two are! First up, photos of the least for now. I wonder where they will be in 15 years? I am praying they will still like each other. Hey, praying will help!
Up next, the birthday boy and his party. Happy 60th Birthday Old Man.
We also fit in a visit with some friends. We did not manage to take any pictures because two kiddos were running around like they lived in barns. I won't name any names but I bet you all have a really good guess. We just broke mom and dad in for their upcoming adventure. Plus, a mom on bed rest does need a little entertainment. Katie, we were thinking of you when we brought them!

I Go Swimming. I Go Swimming. I Go Swimming. Yes, Ava we all heard you.
There is nothing better than long weekends spent with family. We are thrilled that this summer is packed with many fun weekends on all sides of our family. I sure do love them all!

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