Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a fun day we had today. It may be the hormones but I found myself tearing up being so thankful for my sweet family. It was perfect for my airplane loving girl. Simply AMAZING.
Ava got to go inside the cockpit of one, I hope they don't still fly that one because I think she tired to push every button. The pilot made a comment on how much she sure loves planes, maybe as much as he did when he was her age. I just looked at him and politely stated that Jesus and I have had a talk and I just really don't think he would put me through that career path. He laughed, I was serious!
It is the simplest of days that make me so happy. Seeing this girl and her daddy in total awe was a highlight. One that I hope is etched into my memory.

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  1. i'm so glad y'all enjoyed the special day! we talked about making sure we go next year. these pictures confirmed it's a must:)

    ps- please copy the halloween book idea! i love sharing ideas.



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