Saturday, October 22, 2011

What a busy, but oh so fun month!

October has to be one of my favorite months! Could it be because it's the month of my birth? This month has went by so fast. Only 3 more days till my special day! Yippe!
Thought I would share (in pictures) some fun we have been having. And to think we still have so much more fun to come. I am giddy!
Up first, some fun at the pumpkin patch. Well, maybe fun for Carson. Not so much for Ava. Long story, but not my proudest mommy moment trying to take these pictures. Oh well, Old McDonald Farm worker's I promise my girl is usually not this bratty and I do love her. Laughing....
Then some fun at Ava's besties birthday party. Aubree, you are the cutest Hula girl ever!
Jeff and Alecia always have the best pumpkin carving parties. Ava was really into using her knife. At least this year she didn't put it in her mouth. I guess this mommy took the hint to watch her child carefully when a knife is involved. It may also be because I am almost another year wiser.
Here the little pumpkin and I are at 27 weeks.
And finally, we are in decorating mode now. Emma's furniture has arrived.
Not the best picture from my phone but you get the idea. Now to decide if I want to paint the room and if so what color?!?

What a fun month. With oh so much more to come. October you Rock!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a fun day we had today. It may be the hormones but I found myself tearing up being so thankful for my sweet family. It was perfect for my airplane loving girl. Simply AMAZING.
Ava got to go inside the cockpit of one, I hope they don't still fly that one because I think she tired to push every button. The pilot made a comment on how much she sure loves planes, maybe as much as he did when he was her age. I just looked at him and politely stated that Jesus and I have had a talk and I just really don't think he would put me through that career path. He laughed, I was serious!
It is the simplest of days that make me so happy. Seeing this girl and her daddy in total awe was a highlight. One that I hope is etched into my memory.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some days are just fun....

This was one of them. Getting to see all the wonder my little two year old has for all things nature. What a perfect place for us to visit, the butterfly museum did not disappoint. Ava was scared if they did get to close, or maybe I should say terrified. She kept repeating, "Mommy, becareful butterflies bite!" At the end she did think they were nice and keep telling me they didn't have teeth. It was such a fun morning. It made me so thankful God gave me this special girl who brings so much joy to my life. What fun times I have with this girl!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dewberry Farms is the place to be....

What a great day we had with our some of our best buddies. Dewberry farms is really the place to be.
What is better than friends?
Dewberry (6)
Pumpkin Patches?
Dewberry (1)
Train rides/Cool swings?
Dewberry (5)
Huge trampolines?Dewberry (4)
Giant haystacks?
Dewberry (2)
Dewberry (3)
Really, nothing is much better! We are so enjoying the beginning of fall.

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