Sunday, January 12, 2014

Emma is TWO

Sweet Emma,
How are you already two?  It really does not seem possible.  You my dear are our “little spit-fire”.  You are full of life, and know just want you want.  You have a big heart and hate to see anyone upset.  You talk in full sentences.  Many times I am shocked at what you can say.   You are my Sunshine, and I LOVE you bigger than the sky!

At two:
1. Your favorite toy would be your baby dolls and anything that goes with them.
2. You love your blankie (I bet daddy wishes you would tag around his shirt instead like your sissy)
3. You wear 18 month clothes
4. You weigh about 22 lbs
5. You love getting into my makeup! There has been many times I catch you with black eye-shadow all over your face
6. You love music and shaking your booty to it
7. You love riding with Daddy in the “mini-truck”
8. Your Nickname is “Rutie” and you tell everyone your name is “Rutie Tompkins” (This was started since your name middle name is Ruth)

1 comment:

  1. She is adorable! She looks like she keeps you guys on your toes.



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