Saturday, March 1, 2014

February "Angagrams"

1.  1000th round of the Princess Cupcake game.
2.  Cheer Clinic
3.  Shopping day with some of the greatest ladies.
4.  Ava asked for a pickle and I turned around to this.
5.  Superbowl tea party, why not??
6.  The beginning of Emma's Valentines
7.  Date night with my love!
8.  Doctor fun.  We broke down after Emma had the stomach bug for over a week!
10.  First ponytail
11.  Craft time.  Why do my girls love messy crafts?!?
12.  We are the light of the world.  Women of Faith 2014
13.  The girls requested to sleep together.  Do you wonder how long it lasted?  Maybe 10 min after Ava came in and politely told us it was just not going to work out.
14.  Our poor dog had a false pregnancy and adopted these stuff animals.  She tried to feed them and everything.  It really was heartbreaking.  (Vet confirmed this is very normal?!?)
15.  This was all her babies collected the morning we took her to get spayed.  I tried to tell her 2 is more than enough!
16.  Upward Cheer Coaches!  Oh ya, we still have it!  (Well, minus the toe touch!)

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  1. what a great recap of a great month!!! Love all your pink and red fun pics. :)



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