Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our weekend

Our weekend started so "sweet"!  We toured a chocolate factory near our house.  The kids learned how chocolate was made and then got to see how they make all the wonderful candy!  (And a few taste tests of course!)  After the tour, they even got to decorate their own chocolate bar! Sweet!
So thankful for sweet friends! Ava told me later that night that she loved it because all her favorite people were there. She has missed going to school to see these girls.
Then it was off to a baby shower on Saturday to celebrate Baby Boy Sistrunk.
The three amigos!  We three have grown up together.  We have celebrated each new phase of our lives together.  I love them both and count them as one of my greastest blessings!
We are excited to meet the new little dude.  8 weeks and counting....

Then we had a wonderful dinner to celebrate this amazing man!  Thanks for loving these girls.  You were made to be a daddy to girls.  You are amazing and I am so happy you are teaching them the way girls deserve to be treated.  I am so proud of you.
And of course a little stroll after dinner!

This is the photo I posted on facebook this morning!  This is a picture with 4 amazing dads!

My dad believed I could go and do anything.  He believed in me and pushed me to reach my dreams.  As I have grown up I have learned what a precious gift this was.  There are many parents who don't encourage and don't believe in their dreams.  Thanks daddy for teaching me how to encourage.  It's a gift I will for sure continue.  I love you bigger than the sky!

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