Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tompkins Family Reunion Part 1

We were so very lucky to have all the family together this July!  It was such a special time spent together loving on Mamaw as she is battling cancer.  Times likes these are precious and I know that she LOVED every minute!(I think she told me 5 times what a wonderful day it was!)  She is a gem to this family, one that has passed on such a legacy that many many more generations will be blessed because of her.

She got to meet the newest member to the family, Katherine Grace.

Big family meals are the best!  (I love all the noisy conversations and laughter!)

We had a special prayer time before lunch.  It was a sweet time that we prayed for healing for mamaw.

The kiddos loved playing with all their cousins!  For some this was the first time meeting!

The kid table now holds the "new" kiddos.  The older ones finally graduated.

Thankful for this sweet family. I have grown to love them as my own!

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