Monday, March 16, 2015

New York Girls Trip

What a fun few days this was!  Up all day touring the city and the up all night with girl talk!  This trip was good for my soul.  Laney was the perfect room mate as we talked all night and slept in everyday!!  One night we were still shopping at midnight!  (Only in NY)
New York Part 2 (26 of 29)
New York Part 2 (25 of 29)
New York Part 2 (28 of 29)
We fit in many plays.....I would have to say that Aladdin was not my first choice but I was so glad we got tickets because I was BLOWN away!  What an amazing show.  I sure hope it comes here so I can take the girls.  We also scored tickets to OPENING night of Finding Neverland, the story of how Peter Pan came to be.  This was also so wonderful!!  I would say the plays were my favorite part....
New York (7 of 12)
New York (8 of 12)
New York (4 of 12)
My favorite food of the trip would have to be the Cannoli.....
New York (5 of 12)
We love the Eloise books, so I had to show Ava the Plaza hotel where she lives!
New York (9 of 12)
You can't go to New York without getting the frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity.....
New York (11 of 12)

New York (10 of 12)
And the 9-11 memorial was beautiful.....words can't do justice.
The missing posters took up walls of space.  The different shades of blue represented the beautiful blue sky on that September day.  The firetruck was down at ground zero when the first tower fell. The staircase is how many people escaped that day.
A few facts on the World Trade Center....
New York Part 2 (13 of 29)
These were pictures from a photographer.  His pictures were amazing, I can only imagine the emotion he felt behind the camera on those terrible days.
The city did an amazing job honoring those that lost their lives.
And here is the new freedom tower....
New York Part 2 (24 of 29)
What a blast we had, I look forward to many more trips!  But, I was sure happy to see my peeps!
(Susie kept the girls for us and one night Ava told her she wishes there was no "new gork" beacuse she missed me.  She explained that one day she would be glad because she would be able to go with me!  I can't wait to take her one day for our own girl trip!)

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