Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The birth of Ava

I thought this was a perfect day to share the story of the birth of my little girl since she is a week old today...
I got up at 3:30am because I could not sleep. We did not have to call the hospital till 5:00 but I could not just lay there any longer. I called the hospital at 4:45am(just could not wait) and we were instructed to be there at 7:00am. I finished getting ready and then made Jarred a birthday breakfast.
We arrived at the hospital at 7 and I was assigned my room and nurse. God knew that day I was going to need nurse Tina. She immediately got to work getting me ready. Dr. Reeves came in at 8:oo and broke my water and the fun began. The contractions were not so bad at first but they were coming on strong. They were beginning to be pretty bad, Susie my mother-in-law was a labor and delivery nurse for over 30 years and she showed Jarred how to massage my back. He was massaging my back and my mom was rubbing my tummy which was helping. Around 11 I was hurting pretty bad and I was offered my epideral. Thank you God! They ordered everyone out and they got to work. After my epideral Tina noticed that the baby's heart rate was decreasing and decided to go ahead and check me to see what I was dilated to. Jarred and Andee had just come back in the room while she was checking. That is when it was discovered I had a prolapse cord. This means that the cord is starting to come out and the weight of the baby is pushing on it not allowing her to get any blood or oxygen(in a nutshell).
Tina called the code and had to leave her hand in to push the baby off the cord. Dr. Reeves was called and a team of 6 nurses rushed in to get me to the operating room stat. I will always remember the look on Jarred and Andee's faces. I just started praying for God to protect my baby, I was so scared and we thought Jarred just might pass out. He could barly get his scrubs on because he was so upset. They got me to the OR and Dr. Reeves was already waiting. I was given more drugs to numb me because the epideral did not have time to take the full effect. Dr. Reeves had to start cutting before I was all the way numb, but I only felt that for a second. They had her out in 8 minutes from the time the problem was discovered. I can not tell you the relief when I heard her cry. I think Jarred was crying harder than she was..ha! We thank you God for our healthy baby girl and we thank you for knowing that we needed nurse Tina that day! God is truly so good and we give him all the glory for our healthy baby girl. Nurse Tina with us right after delivery!


  1. WOW!! I am impressed with the 8 minutes!! Well, your little girl will from now on always make a fashionable entrance, just like she did into the world. I am so happy that you all are home safely!! God bless!!

  2. Wow...what a grand entrance little Ava made into the world! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!



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