Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley!!

Happy Birthday to my Sister! We had such a fun day together. She wanted to go to the beach because there is a fun little shop that has Emily Ray earrings. It was what she wanted for her birthday....this is what she gets every year! We had her birthday lunch at Landry's
Then off to the beach. We wanted to take Ava's picture....we only stayed for a few minutes because I did not want her to get any sun.

Picture this:

A really nice store, expensive things, and a screaming baby. Yes, that was us! Ava is really never fussy so I should have know something was wrong. I was trying to look at earrings so my mom took her from me. I heard my mom call my name.

That was when I saw it.

Poop. Everywhere.

It was all over my mom, all over me, and all over my sister and her purse. I am sure the people in the store were horrified.

My mom and I rushed her to the dressing room and got clean up. My poor baby had poop every where. It was all over her cute outfit, on her shoes, and on almost every inch of her body. How had we missed this? It was truly an explosion of poop.

We stripped her down and got to work cleaning her up. As I was cleaning she was smiling. Yes, she thought it was FUNNY to embarrass her mom in a swanky store.

and Ashley will have to have her purse dry cleaned.

My lesson learned today: never leave the house unprepared. Luckily for us we were.


  1. Oh honey, I know what ya mean! Kids will make you humble quick! Wyatt always seems to have a melt down in the worst places. Don't worry, it will be the first of many! She sure did look cute though.

    I hope your sister had a great birthday! How fun to have a sister to share things with. I've had just get great girlfriends to fill that part of my life! Brothers are great, but there's just something about sisters!

  2. We had the same thing happen once and it was awful! Although the worst was when I was out to lunch with a friend just down the street, and thought I didn't need to bring anything since it would be really quick. She got poop everywhere and I didn't have a change of clothes! She had to just hang out in her car seat in her diaper!

  3. Oh the poop thing!! We were told to go up a diaper size? I am not sure it worked-if poop wants to come out, it will! Ava is adorable! I love her name! It is sooo girly-not something I get a lot of around here!!
    Have a great day!

  4. Oh my gosh. I am going to have to be prepared for things like this!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your little girl is so beautiful!

  5. My nephew did this to me about a year ago. It was one of those expolsions that just when you thought you had everything cleaned up, you found something else covered in poop. I have learned now that if I am going to spend any extented amount of time with him, I have a change for me!(and him, but that is a given)

  6. Oh my!!! What a story to tell her about later...

  7. Oh no on the poop!!! I would have been done at that point! The pics are really cute, such a fun time with family!! Y'all are looking so cute and little Ava is so precious!



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