Saturday, October 31, 2009

What we have been up to....

Still no internet at our casa! To be honest, it has been nice. We just got TV yesterday so with no TV and no computer we have been spending a lot of time together! Jarred and I have been watching movies together at night and we have made the trip to Marble Slab several times! ;-)

Since we have moved in we have a lot to share.....

First, Susie, Brooke, and Nathan came to help us unpack and we had to take a trip to the pumpkin patch. Have any of you tried to take pictures of two kiddos? Needless to say we did not get one of the cousins together. It was such a great afternoon! Nathan loved feeding the animals and he loved the train ride.On Sunday, We had Ava's dedication. It was also my birthday. It was such an awesome day! Our families both came for the service. We prayed that Ava would come to accept Jesus as her savior and that she would live her life that shows the love of Jesus. We thank God for Ava, she is such a blessing!

Mom is so in love with you! I prayed on the day of your dedication that God protects and blesses your life. I prayed that you would show the love of Jesus to all who know you. I prayed for your future husband(Even though I want you to live with me forever). I hope he has a great family who love hi
m and show him the love of Jesus. You are one of my greatest blessings!
I love You,
Can you tell we love leopard? ha ;-)

I will be to regular blogging when we have the should be this upcoming week!


  1. y'all have been busy with so much to celebrate! i bet your ladybug was ridiculously cute too:)

  2. love the fall pictures! she is growing so fast! and happy birthday!!!

  3. Such cute pictures of Ava with the pumpkins! And, happy birthday!

  4. You've been busy! I love the pictures with the pumpkins. Very cute! Yay for Ava's dedication! What a special occasion! I hope you had a very happy birthday too!



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