Friday, November 6, 2009

Catching Up Again....

We finally have the internet! I was really going through withdraw....sad huh?? I wanted to post Ava's 7 month picture and my cute little lady on Halloween. Hope you all are having a great week!
Jarred told me he has a new appreciation for Halloween. He was loving that he got to eat all the candy! We just took her to a couple of houses, she really liked it. One guy opened the door told us what a cute little boy she was!?! Who would dress a boy as a lady bug? And people wonder why she always has a bow on her head..ha!
I love my little lady bug!


  1. SHE is very adorable!! There is no mistaking her for a boy...silly man!

  2. Her costume is adorable. I also love the first photo. Enjoy that candy!

  3. Her costume is adorable! my little one was a ladybug too! btw I love her little headbands, do you mind if I ask where you get them? I want to get some for my little one



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