Friday, December 4, 2009

My Sweet Girl is 8 Months Old!

What a perfect age! She is now the right size to hug and squeeze! She loves her Mommy and her Daddy, I can't begin to explain the joy that makes me feel. If we are around she wants us, no one else! I hope she stays like this for a while. It makes my heart swell.

She loves to play peek-a-bow. I will hide around the corner and she turns her head until she sees me. This makes her giggle, and her giggle is simply perfect! She started shaking her head back and forth and I thought her ears were bothering her, but we now know this is her new game. If we say No, No, No her head is just a shakin'. She now has started to crinkle her nose when she smiles. She is happy.She is getting more food and seems to not be wanting milk as much. I was concerned but her pediatrician said she just needs about 24 ounces. We started to give her the strawberry yogurt melts and she loves these.

She is on the move. She is crawling but only crawling backwards. We are working on moving forward. The other day, I was pumping and she started screaming. Which is very rare for her. I got up and she had made her way under the coffee table and was stuck. So cute. I can't picture her walking, but she is standing more and more everyday. My baby is growing up.

I am so in love with this sweet girl. I mean a love beyond words.My cup runneth over!


  1. She is soooo cute!! I think she looks a little like her Daddy! They do grow up so fast!!



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