Friday, January 29, 2010

In the market for new furniture

What happens when you get a new house? Of course, you need new furniture! We have been looking and I think we found a couch we really like. We have microfiber now but we are going to try leather because I think it will be much easier to clean with dogs and a baby.

I am excited, because next week I have a lady coming to take measurements and she is going to bring some fun fabrics and ideas from what I told her we liked in the store. Can you guess the fabrics? Leopards, of course!

I also want a fun red chair and Hubby has begged for a recliner to watch his TV in. I am being a good wife and giving in! Our living room is huge so we need quite a few pieces. I can't wait for it to come all together.

What do you guys think of the couch? I did not think I would like brown but it went so well with the leopard and surprisingly the red accent pieces too!


  1. Brown leather = very smart move! Next time we buy living room furniture, it will be leather. As much as I try to keep dirty fingers and dirty paws off my couch, it never fails to need spot cleaning again. Can't wait to see pictures of your finished living room!

  2. I love the sofa! I have a brown leather couch in our living room and it is perfect for the little man. Seriously, last year I considered selling it and getting a white (yes, I had a moment of insanity) sofa. Crazy I know! I just love the look of clean, crisp white. Anyway, I'm so glad I didn't. Our couch has had everything under the sun spilt on it, and it still looks good. I think leather is very wise when: #1 you have a child under 10, and #2 you live on a farm. I fit in both of those categories so there was no other option for me! I hope you post pics of all the new furniture. I'm sure it is going to look great!!!!

  3. Oooooooooooooooh - I love it! The scheme sounds great, can't wait to see it put together!

    Also - praying for Debra and Ronel!



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