Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, how I love her!

Ava is 10 months old today!
Ava, you are 10 months old today. You are crawling at record speed which has made for a very tired mommy. Daddy said you are to mature for toys because they don't interest you, you are on the move. You are pulling up and cruising along the furniture. You still just have two teeth on the bottom. Since last month, you have had a snotty nose. Mommy is sick of snot! You still love your bath. The other night me and you were taking a bath together and Daddy decided to turn on the jets. Did it scare you, No! You loved it, now you want them on constantly. Such a water baby. We are going to take you to Mom and Baby swim classes starting in May. You love to say "Hi" and you have started to clap your hands. I have to say right now your favorite person is Daddy. I really can see why, he loves you so much. You love to play wrestle with him. You make us so very happy, life is so much sweeter with you!
You and Daddy practice walking everyday. You are getting good. I wonder if it is going to be harder when you start walking? You already get into everything! You sure keep Mommy on her toes!Sweet girl, you are a gift!


  1. These pictures turned out beautiful! I can't believe she's already 10 months! Time has flown. Such a beautiful girl!

  2. She is so GORGEOUS! Swimming classes? I don't know... looks like she's ready for MODELING!

    and YES - Monday + the 1st of the month = :(

    having the next 4 days off after a predicted bad day, priceless!

  3. Such a cutie! Time flies by so fast. Before you know it she will be running around talking non-stop.

  4. Such a cutie!!! They are sooo cute when they start walking!!

  5. Happy 10 month birthday, she is adorable!!!

  6. Happy 10 months Miss Ava! You are a doll!



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