Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend in review

It has been a relaxing weekend. I still have not been feeling 100% so Jarred been pulling double duty. I slept in both days! Such a huge help. I am anxious to get to the doctor and figure myself out. I keep saying that I need three B12 shots. I bet that would help!

Since Daddy has been on duty for most of the weekend Ava has loved breakfast time! She had her first donut on Saturday and a cinnamon roll this morning. She was so funny with the donut. I wish we would have gotten the video camera out. We have a small problem with her throwing food to the dogs. Well, they did not get a crumb Saturday morning. After she ate the donut(the whole thing) she proceeded to lick every inch of her fingers. It is safe to say to say that this girl is going to have a love affair with donuts. She will hate this one day!I think she is telling us, "Step away from the donut and no one will get hurt!"Hubs had some business and Ava and I tagged along. We went to Bass Pro Shops and then enjoyed dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. We thought Ava would enjoy eating there. It is a neat place but honestly the food stunk. I mean stunk big. We paid almost $50 bucks and did not even get dessert. I really wanted that chocolate volcano but I could think of a lot better ways to spend $13 dollars. Can you believe 13 dollars!?! Yikes! After dinner, I even got to do a little shopping in the mall. I found the best sell at Banana Republic Outlet. Yep, cute t-shirts for 10 dollars. I got a few. Score!

The heat index has been like 110 degrees this weekend. It's true! We have done a lot of swimming in both the baby pool and the neighborhood pool. Gotta love cooling off in the water. My sweet girl has a love for the water like her momma!

Church was great today. It hit home. More quite time and prayer which I need. So, I better get off the computer and get to reading. (They gave everyone a book at church today, how cool is that?)

Hope everyone has had a blessed weekend. There is nothing better than a relaxing weekend with family! Have a great week!Her daddy hopes she will love fish as much as he does!Ava loves her new swim partner and Rozzy loves getting in the pool. We had a better baby pool but the top got a small hole. She liked it better so Jarred is trying to find and fix the hole! Rozzy likes this one better because he can jump in this one!


  1. Sorry you are not feeling well! Hopefully you can get it worked out soon! Feeling ill all the time stinks! I know...I have IBS..yuck!! That is a very big bummer that your vacay plans have to be changed! I cannot believe what is going on with the oil spill! It just makes me sick to my stomach! I cannot watch the TV about it anymore. Those poor poor animals! Anyways....I hope you have a great week! Vanessa

  2. I LOVE that one of Rozzy and Ava. They both look so happy! Thats one for the scrapbook :)

  3. A love affair with donuts... darn it! I have that problem too! : )



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