Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

What. A. Fun. Place. A must do for everyone. What is a mom to do when summer is over and no more swimming for a water loving girl? Go here. What is better than a four-story interactive treehouse water fort offering 12 levels of super-soaking fun for the family? But watch out, we got caught a few times by the 1,000-gallon soaker bucket. Yikes. Warning: when in lazy river I would not recommend wearing your glasses. Lucky for us we had a pregnant mommy that filled her lungs and her babies to aid in finding them. (Brooke, your mom was so thankful! ha)
We were a sight to see. Should two adults know how to sit in a tube to ride the big girl water slides? Well, a very nice lifeguard probably got a laugh. Hey, we are mommies out of practice. We tried to explain but I don't think he cared. I also wondered what the other lifeguard thought when I fell out trying to get out? I know one person who laughed. Thanks Brooke!
Fun things about the lodge:
  • Dinner comes with wolf ears
  • Wear your PJs to story time
  • 2 arcades
  • Mommy/Daddy spa and Kiddo spa
  • Magic wand game given at check-out
  • Ice cream parlor
  • One big wolf (I can't remember his name but Ava loved him. She kept trying to hold his hand)
  • Many kids activities (in October they had paint your own pumpkin)
  • Did I mention the indoor waterpark?
I think we will make this a family tradition. It is one I think the kiddos will really grow into loving. Nathan and Ava were still a little small to enjoy all the activities. Give them a few years and they will be riding the big slides. (I bet they will be able to get in the tube!) Next year it was decided to take the daddies. That way me and Brooke can practice sliding more.

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  1. Yall were in our area. :) We live about 3 miles from the Great Wolf Lodge. We pass by it all the time. We stayed last year at the one in Wisconsin and it was alot of fun. We've talked about doing a night sometime here for the kids. Looks like yall had a great time.



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