Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sick, Sick, and Sick

Yep. Ava, Mommy, and then Daddy. We have all passed around a nasty little virus. This same virus was responsible for Ava's first trip to the hospital. It all started after our fun weekend of animals, shopping, and swimming. (More to come)My poor baby has been sick for a week. It started last Sunday and continued to get worse throughout the week. After two trips to the doctor it was decided that a trip to the hospital was needed. This baby was dehydrated. This is Ava's first time of really being sick and sick she was. It was so hard for me to see her this sick and not getting better. It was even harder to console her as she got an IV and had her blood taken. I just keep praying for those parents who make many trips to the hospital with sick kids. Lord, please give them the strength.The virus was passed to Jarred on Friday. Poor thing was a trooper and would not hear of us going to the hospital alone. We made quite the picture. In our triage room Jarred was feeling so bad he stretched out for a quick nap on the floor. Yes, the hard floor. Poor guy. I think the nurses thought he may be a little crazy, but I always came to his defense and explained that he had been sick all day. He probably should have stayed home, but I was glad for his strength. It is hard to watch my sweet girl in pain. But, I think he was just as shaken. At one point through many screams I heard him praying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Hubby, you amaze me! Thanks for being such a good dad.
I thank everyone for your prayers. Please pray for complete healing for our whole house. I am ready for a well family.


  1. Oh Doodle Bug! I am glad you are feeling a little bit better after you night of fluids. Your Aunt Lissa was so worried about you.

  2. Oh my goodness, Angela! I am sooo sorry you all were sick! It is really hard to see loved ones sick, especially the little ones. I am glad to hear everyone is making a recovery! Take care!


  3. Bless your heart! I can't imagine, that must have been so scary. I'm glad y'all are getting better!

  4. So sorry for you guys! Definitely praying for quick healing:)

  5. I'm so sorry you had to go through that with your little girl. I hope everyone is feeling better now and that Debra at least shared some of her yummy treats with you. :)



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