Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend Highlights

What a fun weekend it was! Ava had a slumber party with Mimi so Jarred and I got to go on a date Friday night. It is a record, two in two weeks. Score! On Saturday I got to sleep in. Can I get a big Amen! I needed it. Too bad I could only sleep until 8:30. Ava had a treat at Mimi's, homemade chicken and dumplings. I hoped she would love them like we all do but I was not sure. Needless to day my girl now has a love affair with them. I guess I see lessons from Mam-maw and Mom soon. (Mom keep them coming for now!)

Then it was off to the Fall festival at our church. They did such a great job. There were games for the wee ones and games for the big ones. There were jump houses/slides of all sizes. There was a petting zoo which of course was a favorite. They even had a ventriloquist that put on the funnest of shows. Ava thought the monkey was hilarious.fall festival
Then off to Madison's first birthday party. It was a costume party which was such a fun idea. The theme was Minnie Mouse. We had the two cutest Minnie's for sure. Happy Birthday Maddy. You are so loved.MaddyBday
Saturday night we had a fall block party. It was fun to meet the neighbors that just moved in and the ones we have not had the opportunity to meet before. This was such a great idea and I hope we do it every year. I left a little early to meet up with Debra and blog friends for a movie. It was nice to hang with the girls!

Before we knew it Halloween was here. We had a fun afternoon painting pumpkins. My girl loves all things crafty. I have no idea where she gets that from?? We had a mess for sure. The most fun times are always the messiest times. I have to let go of control and know that it can be cleaned up. Yikes, with paint flying in all directions sometimes this is HARD.Pumpkins1
Then off to Uncle Jimmy's and Aunt Lissa's. Lissa made the kiddos mummy dogs and we had yummy hamburgers. (I had a mummy dog too!) Then off to trick-or-treat. My Minnie loved it! She would walk right to the door and hold her pumpkin out for some candy. If given the opportunity to pick her own she would grab a handful. Ava, we will have to work on leaving some for the other kids next year. At the end of the night we tried to take her pumpkin so we could load up, this caused a huge fit. HUGE. Halloween halloween2101031_1022
What a fun weekend. I love these moments that are spent with family and friends. To me, there is nothing more precious. I soaked in every minute!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend & again she is an adorable Minnie Mouse!!



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