Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, what a blessing! Blessed that he is risen. Blessed for time with family.

First up: dying eggs with my peeps. We made Veggie Tale eggs, a favorite around here. Ava loves all things crafty so this made for a very happy/messy girl. Daddy was a little messy as well. Should I mention the floor? Nah!
The easter bunny came to leave a trail to Daddy and Ava's basket. The bunny must have something against me because I seem to never have one. Why? The eggs were quickly found and the basket's enjoyed. Ava's favorite gift: new silverware. Hum? Like Mommy maybe? Yep, I think so!
Then off to church to celebrate our Risen Savior.
Last stop: Easter lunch with the fam. What a blessing family is. Watching our kiddos brought back so many happy memories of our own easter egg hunts, now we are watching them. Blessed! Blessed indeed!
Happy Easter to you all. I hope you believe in the true meaning of this special holiday!

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