Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

Her children arise up, and call her blessed - Proverbs 31:28

I am glad we have Mother's day. I always like to celebrate my mom on this great day. I always search for the perfect gift. Something that will make her happy. She has made me happy for 30 years.
It is strange to think that now someone celebrates me. But to be honest I don't need to be celebrated. I want to celebrate my precious girl who made me a mommy. I am so in love with this role. I love being a mommy to Ava and I hope that she loves being a daughter to me.
This is my third Mother's day, and every year I love being a mommy more and more. I pray that I will inspire, love, nurture, encourage the way I was. I have never loved my mother more. The job of mommy is hard. I don't know about you, but I love this hard job. The most important job I will ever have.
Thanks mom. You made the job look easy when I know it was not. Long days of taxiing to cheer practice, cooking, cleaning, loving us girls. And now your job continues and Ava is seeing first hand how lucky I am.
Happy Mother's day to all you mommies! I hope you feel as blessed as I do.
Don't you all think we should take time to stop and smell the flowers?

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  1. These are precious pictures! Did you husband take them? He needs to give mine lessons, if so! I hardly have any pictures of myself and Wyatt. You two are beautiful! I'm glad you had a wonderful mother's day :)



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