Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This girl loves her dad!

I mean loves him. It sometimes makes me mad. Okay, only half kidding. They have been having bonding time over a deer stand. Yep, a deer stand. Let's just call her, "Ava the builder". She loves it! I get so tickled to see her copy Jarred. The girl can work a tape measure.
I am writing this mainly because I don't want to forget and it really is to funny not to share. For those of you who know my hubby he sings/talks in a really high pitched voice when he is trying to annoy you. This gets under my skin. Well, this gets under Ava's skin too! She has been saying, "No No Daddy" and when this did not work the other day she said "shut up"! Yikes. She did get a spanking but I was hiding so I could laugh because this girl said just what I wanted to say myself. We are concerned where she heard this. Could it be from me? Nah!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe Ava's going to love Bob the Builder too! She and Nathan were meant to be best friends!!!



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