Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The cutest Cupcake

Is she the cutest or what? I mean who does not love cupcakes?
Cupcake (1)
Cupcake (5)
Cupcake (6)
Cupcake (4)
We had dinner at our besties and then headed out trick-or-treating. Yall, Ava was into this year. I mean so into it. After walking and walking we would ask if she was ready to stop. Her reply, "No, not yet." Her cupcake bag did get a little heavy but daddy was so sweet to help. She was so pooped after the end of the night she slept until 9. Score for mommy! She has enjoyed going through "My Bag" and eating all her candy today. Let's just say the sharing with daddy days may just be over. (Jarred, there is still hope for you with Emma for a few years!)

What a fun day with my family.
Halloween (5)
Halloween (6)
Halloween (2)
And it was even better when shared with friends.
Halloween (1)
Halloween (3)
(James was there somewhere)


  1. So original and downright ADORABLE! I looooove that sweet little cupcake! Did you buy it somewhere or make it? It and SHE are beautiful. Glad you had a wonderful Halloween!

  2. She was the cutest cupcake ever! Love that doodle bug!

  3. That is the cutest costume I have EVER seen! And she looks like she had a blast! Love that cupcake!



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