Friday, February 17, 2012

LOVE day.

Hope everyone had a wonderful LOVE day. It was a low key day in our house. We did not want to fight the crowds with two kiddos so we had dinner in. Trust me when I say it was nothing fancy. I am missing all those awesome meals everyone brought over! It was really amazing, I did not cook the whole month of Januray. Thanks friends!
Ava had her party at school on Monday. She had a great day, she sure loves her teachers and friends.
Ava's cute valentine she passed out to all her friends.
My Valentine's (minus Emma, how did I not manage to get a picture of her? She was even in her cute Valentine outfit from Aunt Boon. Boo to mommy!)
Ava loved her "Balentine" present. She is really into all things princess and I found the cutest new bath toys. Not to mention the new lipstick.
It was a perfect day to celebrate the one's I love.


  1. Angela,

    Wow, your blog looks so beautiful!!!
    Little Ava has grown up so much, and she is just so beautiful-like her momma!!!
    I had to laugh when I read "balentine" as Amelia always gets her V and B sounds mixed around. I'm happy to see all is well with you and your family. And congratulations on Emma's arrival- I'm a month late it appears, so please forgive me!

    Thank you for congratulating me on my blog/facebook on my magazine article. I appreciate your encouragement and friendship, even though we still never get to see each other!!! If only we lived closer...

    Take care,

  2. Cute pictures. I am sure it was a great day even if it was low key. I was talking to a friend with two little ones the other day. She told me their Valentine's Day consisted heart shaped grilled cheese and tomato soup. She said that is just where they are at this point in their life and there will come a day for fancy dinner.



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