Friday, February 10, 2012

One Month Old ALREADY??

You are one month old already. Mommy wants you to slow down. You are such a sweet baby. You love to be held, you just gaze and melt into mommy and daddy's arms. Daddy started early and makes his funny noices at you, you LOVE it(just like big sissy). Ava loves you too! I was told by her teacher's at school that she talks about you all the time. How sweet! She calls you Baby Emma Ruth. When you start to cry she goes over and talks to you and this usually makes you stop. I hope you girls always stay sweet friends. You are one loved little girl. We thank God for you, you are such a sweet blessing to our family. How did we get this lucky?
I love you Emma!
1 Month (1)
At 1 month old~
Weight: 8lbs 1oz
Height: 19 1/2 inches
Newborn clothes are starting to fit better
Still in newborn diapers (we may be going to size 1 soon!)
You are eating every 3 hours. Sometimes you go 4 hours at night, this makes for a happy mommy. 1 Month (2)
You love to be on your tummy. We get tickled because you have rolled over already a few times. You do this funny thing by arching your back and kicking your leg so you go right over. You don't quite love your swing as much as your sissy did. We are going to keep trying because who could not love it??
1 Month (3)
1 Month (4)


  1. She is so precious! Glad to hear big sister is still in love with her.

  2. We are so in love with this little girl already! Precious!



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