Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Jarred and Ava

I am so very lucky I get to celebrate two of my favorite blessings on the same day each year! What a wonderful day March 31st is to me. So thankful for these two God has given me. I love you both more than any words I could type. You each bring me smiles, giggles, big laughs and so much more. Life would be so dull without each of you! Happy Birthday to both of you.
I love being your wife and your mommy!


  1. Happy Birthdays!!! :) And, I also love the bluebonnet pics...you've definitely got some amazing photography talent going on. Well, and you have adorable subjects!!! :)

  2. you look like you are having so much fun with your gorgeous family of 4! I hope things are transitioning smoothly - especially with being back at work:: YUCK! my heart breaks for you remembering those first days back after maternity leave. I'm sure you're handling it much better than I did. hehe :)



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