Friday, April 4, 2014

Ava is 5

How is this possible? 5?!?  Ava had an awesome birthday party on Saturday(more pics to come). Monday was her and Jarred's actual birthday. What a great day March 31st is. These birthday buds are exactly 30 years apart. We celebrated with a birthday breakfast and let Ava pick where she wanted to go for dinner. Of course the choice was Pappasitos. Yum!
Ava was "Star" Student today. She was so excited about this. We created a poster all about her. Here were a few of the questions:
1. How old are you? She got to answer 5 (Sniff! Sniff)
2. What do you want to be when you grow up? Elsa of course!
3. What is your favorite place? Disney World (I know, shocker!)
4.  What do you wish for? A swing set
5.  Favorite color?  Pink (Another shocker!)
6.  Favorite animal?  Horse
7.  Favorite food?  Pizza

While the girls were at school we went to the deer lease! Yes, your reading that right. This was Jarred's wish for his birthday.

Then it was time for dinner. I am so glad that Ava's favorite place to eat is also mine! (I could not have programmed her better!)

This next picture makes me laugh! Can you tell how thrilled he looks?! Hey, it looks like me a few pictures back.

Our tradition is to watch their "birth"day picture slide show. I think we watched this 5 times. What an amazing and terrifying day that was. One that we will never forget.
Happy Birthday you two! You are both so very LOVED. No day can be bad when I get to come home to you! (Birthday party pictures and 5 year pictures coming soon!

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