Saturday, April 26, 2014

Egg Dying Fun

One of our most favorite things to do for these craft loving girls! Ava asked about 100 times if it was time to "make" eggs.     I mean how could someone not like to make these beautiful eggs that cause such a mess??? Die splattered everywhere! (Smart moms but a table cloth on the floor!) Then it was time for cookies! These are a must for creative artists!      So thankful for these kiddos! I enjoy every minute making memories with them!

Easter Parties

Ava's last Easter Party at HAFBC.  I know I need to get over it but it so saddens me Ava will start "real" school next year.  I have so enjoyed having my kiddos at this school, where they learn "school" and they learn the bible!  Emma was sick so she missed her party.  (It was nice not rushing between the two classes but I hated she had to miss!)

The kiddos enjoyed the hunt!  It mas a mad dash but they had it a little harder this year.  They had to get the eggs that spelled E-A-S-T-E-R.

Then we moved inside for the party.

Ava has made the best friends while at CDC.  These 3 girls have been together for 3 years.  I had loved to watch their friendships grow.  The girls have summer camps and VBS planned and Ava is doing tumbling with Abby.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Pictures Part 1

I am starting to get a little behind.  I MUST do better! ;-)
Warning: many adorable pictures that are just too cute for any words.....

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ava's Frozen Birthday

What a "cool" party. It was no surprise that Ava wanted a Frozen party! This year we did an outdoor movie showing the "coolest" movie of the year.

The favors were Frozen bracelets for the girls and snow balls for the boys. My sweet cousin painted Ava her very own picture. What a treasure, Ava LOVES it!
We are lucky to have such amazing family and friends. I consider you all my greatest treasure. Thanks for coming to celebrate my sweet girl.
Ava was a little shy when the singing started. Who wouldn't be with 50 people singing to you???
Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Girl! You are so very LOVED!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ava is 5

How is this possible? 5?!?  Ava had an awesome birthday party on Saturday(more pics to come). Monday was her and Jarred's actual birthday. What a great day March 31st is. These birthday buds are exactly 30 years apart. We celebrated with a birthday breakfast and let Ava pick where she wanted to go for dinner. Of course the choice was Pappasitos. Yum!
Ava was "Star" Student today. She was so excited about this. We created a poster all about her. Here were a few of the questions:
1. How old are you? She got to answer 5 (Sniff! Sniff)
2. What do you want to be when you grow up? Elsa of course!
3. What is your favorite place? Disney World (I know, shocker!)
4.  What do you wish for? A swing set
5.  Favorite color?  Pink (Another shocker!)
6.  Favorite animal?  Horse
7.  Favorite food?  Pizza

While the girls were at school we went to the deer lease! Yes, your reading that right. This was Jarred's wish for his birthday.

Then it was time for dinner. I am so glad that Ava's favorite place to eat is also mine! (I could not have programmed her better!)

This next picture makes me laugh! Can you tell how thrilled he looks?! Hey, it looks like me a few pictures back.

Our tradition is to watch their "birth"day picture slide show. I think we watched this 5 times. What an amazing and terrifying day that was. One that we will never forget.
Happy Birthday you two! You are both so very LOVED. No day can be bad when I get to come home to you! (Birthday party pictures and 5 year pictures coming soon!

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