Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015

Happy 2015 
2014 was a great year for us!!
Here are a few highlights:
  • We visited our favorite beach again. 
  • Ava started Kindergarten(this has been a really big change around here! She is loving school and seems to be thriving! I am so very proud of her!) 
  • Ava is in gymnastics and now does not only cart wheels all around the house, but now also round-offs! She is loving it! 
  • Emma started swim lessons 
  • We took Mimi on her very first visit trip to Disney World 
  • Jarred and I celebrated 9 years of marriage 
Here are a few pictures from New Years Day! Of course we ate our cabbage and black eye peas!! (Along with Mimi's famous fried chicken!) Can you guess what we did?
This year we are praying for a little change around here! I am really excited what the change will be. Here is to a happy and healthy 2015! I am so excited for all the new memories 2015 will bring!

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  1. Sounds like a great year. I can't wait to see what changes 2015 has in store.



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