Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 4 Months

Happy 4 months to my sweet girl!

What you are up to:
  • Still in 3 month clothes
  • You wear size 1 diapers
  • You are rolling over!!
  • Still hate tummy time. Mommy is sorry, but we need to work on this!
  • Starting to try to sit up....we think you are going to do this early
  • Still love your play mat
  • You suck your thumb all the time now...forget the paci!
  • Love being outside
  • You now notice and grab the dogs. It is so cute. The other day while I was reading to you, you grabbed Sophie's hair and held it.
  • You are constantly drooling. We wonder if you are going to get a tooth soon. Your daddy got one at 4 months.
  • You sleep through the night. This morning you slept until 9:30am.
  • You are always happy. When you cry, it is because something is wrong.
  • When you smile you crinkle your nose.
  • You love all the silly noises your Daddy makes. He plays rocket with you and this makes you laugh out loud.
  • You are beautiful. You still look like your Daddy.
You have been a constant JOY to us! We have loved every minute of these 4 months. It is so hard to believe that you blessed our lives 4 short months ago. Please stop growing so fast, it makes mommy sad! I love being your mommy! I could not be happier!
I love you booger bear!


  1. Sounds like she is a busy girl, who is growing everyday! Enjoy her, they grow up too fast.

  2. Sweet girl! Still in size one diapers!?!? That is amazing. She's gonna be a tiny girl :) She's beautiful.

  3. So sweet, she is just so precious and cute! Love her bow and outfit! Happy 4 months!

  4. She is completely amazing! Oh the cuteness!



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