Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am feeling....

Several blogs I read had this post today and I thought it was a great idea......

I am feeling...

Blessed. I love my little family and I am so thankful for Jarred and Ava.

Stressed. What can I say, it's flu season.

Burdened. I am burdened for my family.

Excited. About my new house.

Worried. I hope Ava learns to eat better, I don't want more therapy for her.

Hope. I hope for the best in all the situations that have been going on lately.

Loved. Ava has started rubbing my face in sweet little moments. So sweet.

Proud. So proud of Jarred and how he is doing so well in school.

Overwhelmed. Sometimes I need to slow down.

Lucky. To have the best friends.

Glad. Lincoln was born today and Aubree is coming soon.

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