Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I hate Cereal

Today we had lunch with Amanda Panda! We still can't believe that Lincoln will be here next week. Her pregnancy has went by at record speed for me (I am sure not for her!) I am going to take a few maternity photos of her and her hubs this weekend.Well, Ava officially hates cereal! I even tried to mash up bananas and mix it with the cereal and she still was not having it! I sure hope she gets better. They told me when she started cereal/baby foods we may need more therapy. I sure hope not! It is so expensive and it makes me worry about my little girl. She has a tongue thrust that we were hoping she grew out of but she was using the tongue to push the cereal out. We are hoping tomorrow morning will be better!
This was NOT fun! I think I will just stick with breast milk forever!


  1. Aww, she still looks cute though :)
    I was going to suggest adding a little fruit/veggie to make it taste better, but then I read you tried that! I hope she does better tomorrow and therapy isn't necessary.

  2. Have you tried a feeder bottle? Wyatt didn't like cereal either, but we gave it to him a few times out of a feeder bottle (mixed with a little formula), and he began to get used to it. Then, when it came time to eat it with a spoon, it worked out a little better.

    Just an idea you might try! She sure is a doll!!

  3. Oh yes, I remember the days of starting cereal!! Don't start to worry just yet, it will take some time for her to learn how to eat. I know it hard to NOT to worry, it is just a MOM thing! Trust me!! Things will always work out!
    As for the hating cereal, I have yet to find a baby who LOVES it! Ha! Both boys hated rice cereal, so I switched to baby oatmeal and mixed a little baby applesauce with the milk and cereal.
    Just remember, time is a wonderful thing, you are no doubt a GREAT MOM, just keep tying!


  4. The last word was meant to be "trying".



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