Thursday, September 16, 2010


We all long for it and eventually we get it. Then I secretly think we want to give it back! I would love someone to feed and cloth me, but hey I had my time.

Little Miss is longing for independence. I wish she could see that one day she will be so tired and want her mommy's help. It started with eating. She wants to put it on the fork or use her fingers to bring it to her mouth herself. Ok ! Not a problem until your in Olive Garden and she can't seem to grasp how to get the spaghetti on the fork. Thank God she knows how to use those hands even if we did have one big mess.

Yesterday, daddy thought it seemed quite and went to search Little Miss out. She was in her room trying to get her shoes on. She accomplished her goal sort of. Now we need to work on teaching her to get them on the right feet.

Today, this is where I found her.
Yikes, she now wants to dress herself. She loves wearing my shoes around the house, but really I don't think she needs to wear these. At least not until it is her own undies. This funny girl seriously cracks me up. I mean laughing. Laughing hard everyday!(Don't worry, it was a clean basket of clothes!)


  1. Oh that "I" word!! It's so hard to let your "babies" have it! I struggle with that daily! I'm glad the boys want and can do things on their own, but I find myself trying to help and have to stop myself and let them handle it. It's just one more step further away from being babies to becoming boys!

  2. This is to funny! She is growing so fast!

  3. NICE!! At least she knows where these go and they weren't on her head! :)



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