Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wednesday. Oh Wednesday

Oh how we love you Wednesday. It is our favorite day of the week! (Of course excluding weekends!) It is our favorite for so many reasons. For me it is because I am off work. For Ava it is Little Gym. For our tummies it is supper time. Many of you know our Wednesday night tradition is going to Pappasitos for half price fajita night. I am talking under 20 bucks. Score! We love it. (Mostly me, if I were completely honest!) I am about to give you our big Wednesday secret. Don't you hate the long waits at Pappasitos? What if I told you that you did not have to? Call ahead seating. Yes, they offer that! What could be better than no waits and a cheap meal?

This Wednesday we changed our routine. We went to Pappas instead for all you can eat lobster! Can I get a big amen!
Oh Wednesday....I really love you! Can't wait for you to come again!


  1. HHHHMMMM, it was SO good! So glad we went :)

  2. Of course Jarred is tormenting Ava with the lobster!

  3. Just like Mom...lovin' that lobster! ;-)
    Did it freak her out at first??
    Did she eat it and like it?
    Love the pics, too cute!



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