Monday, September 27, 2010

Our weekend

First off, I am so glad fall is here. Oh how we missed you. Do you think maybe you could stay awhile? I would love to drink my hot tea without sweating.

Happy Birthday to our dear friend Lincoln. Little L your party was awesome. Your mommy worked so hard to throw her "chunky monkey" the perfect party. Ava and I had a blast. Thanks for letting us bounce.If you like to talk to tomatoes, If a squash can make you smile.....
My girl loves to do both. Bob and Larry, you are her favorite. She loved getting to see you live. She danced, clapped, and jumped for you. Her favorite song you guys played was the hair brush song. Oh where is my hair brush, oh where is my hair brush.....she is secretly hoping her hair will grow a little faster and she will be actually able to use a hair brush. Thanks for the great night Bob and Larry. She can't wait to see you again.
We were glad Andee and Aubree could go. We think Aubree is going to be a big fan too!The girls can't wait to jam to their new CDs. What is better than Veggie Tales Worship and 80s songs?


  1. Look at that little grin! I am so glad she had fun at her "concert". And Happy Birthday to Lincoln!

  2. There is nothing better than cake, icecream, bouncing and a little Veggie Tales!! Looks like a lot of fun!!! Your shirt is cute..where did you get it??



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